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55 things about ME!

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1. Tan Jie Min Zoe Raymond is my full name. 

2. My birthday is on the 5th of June!

3. I love Japanese food but cause I don't take much it's usually less than $30 for 2 at Sakae! 

4. I like Ribena drink!  

5. I have my prata with sugar just like kids!
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6. I have only 1 younger sister, Zonia Raymond and we have always been sharing a room.
7. :D I love PINK and White! 

8. TVB Dramas and Korean dramas, Gossip Girl are Faves!

9. I can stay at home the whole day just staring at my laptop, composing blog posts! :D 

10. I am always home before 10 PM every day.

11. I got my driving license on the 28th Feb 2009!

12. I schedule my blog posts whenever I have more time so my readers will be entertained!

13. I do wash my own clothes!  

14. I don't buy branded cause I always feel it's hard to fork out the money, but it's always not the case when it's for someone I love. 

15. I love SNACKING so much, I snack on a daily basis! 

16. I never finish my meals. 

17. I love salty food and not sweet ones like pastries.  

18. I started earning my own allowance when I was studying for my Diploma.  

19. I have never clubbed.  

20. The only time I stayed out was my 21st Birthday Party I with my girlfriends! :D 

21. I have tons of shoes that 4 out of 8 racks of shoes at home are mine. 

22. I love my grandparents A LOT. When i was younger and naughty, my mom will say she will call and tell my grandparents about it and i will break out of my rebellious form and cry cause I was scared of disappointing them. 
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    23. I was very reluctant to migrate from Friendster to Facebook

    24. I've got morning sinus! ): ):

    25. I love things that shines, that explains my overwhelming accessories!

    26. I spend almost 50% of my time surfing the net, blogging when I'm at home.

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    26. I started doing my first event which was for Nokia in September 2008 for Games Convention.

    27. I'm very impatient, so i hate it when people are late!

    28. I've got a body clock that wakes me before 8 AM whether weekday or WEEKEND! ):

    29. The most expensive item I bought for myself is my latest buy, the Canon S95, $500.

    30. Cause I have too many clothes, I hang up to 5 pieces per hanger! LOL

    31. I can't tolerate mess so I always make sure my room is as tidy as possible, resulting in endless nagging at Zonia!

    32. I can't speak and write mandarin well, but cause I can memorize rather well, I am able to sing them.

    33. I'm the youngest everywhere I go after my Os. I started my diploma, degree and work ahead of my peers.

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    34. I have had a hair sponsor since 2008. Thank you Von! (:

    35. I had my very first little catwalk for 77th Street when I was in Secondary 2 for the People's Association, and my trainer was Eunice Olsen.

    36. I love chicken. My mom told me that when she was expecting me, she had chicken rice almost everyday and craved for KFC! Thing is, my mom never likes chicken!

    37. Besides my wallet, I always have my cellphone, camera and mp3 with me!! Music is a language, yo!

    38. I used to love penning poems in school. I love mixing and matching words that rhymed.

    39. My mom made sure Zonia and I read the newspaper everyday since we were in Primary school.

    40. I played netball since I was in Primary 3. Netball has been my CCA every since!

    41. I took up Dancing when I took my diploma for a year.

    42. I always wanted to take up Singing and Japanese lessons.

    43. I can watch La Pi Xiao Xin (Crayon Shinchan) over and over again!!! (:

    44. I have almost 40 pairs of shoes and bags in the cupboard!

    45. I'm starting to drink sips of Bird's Nest daily cause I don't want to rely on botox when I go old.

    46. I can't stop talking, I am a small huge chatterbox. Period.

    47. I am adventurous with hair and makeup! That's how my waist length hair became barely shoulder length. 

    48. My family drives an HUGE Honda Odyssey and I suck at doing parallel parking! ):

    49. I used to visit Far East Plaza and Bugis Street very frequently to look for great bargains. I stopped being enticed in making an outfit purchase after started blogging.

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    50. What is in my bag? I try to move around light on weekends so I only have a few things I would bring out!

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    1. Key Holder!
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    Got this case from Hong Kong! I have my keys, condo pass, thumbdrive, iBanking Device, Lip Balm and some stamps all in this pouch! (: VERY important!

    2. Miniature perfume!
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    Got this little Lychee Blossom Eau De Toilette from Body Shop during Christmas! I love sweet scents! (;

    3. WALLET!
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    Samantha Thavasa wallet from Japan (: Love the shimmery pink and gold clasp! I haven't removed the plastic off the logo cause i'm afraid the blings will fall! HAHA!

    4. Camera!!!
    5. IPhone! (: 

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    51. Facial Cleansers I use!

    Clear Soap by Kanebo and Seaweed Pore Cleansing Facial Exfoliator by Body Shop!
    I use Clear Soap daily and the Seaweed Cleanser twice a week! This process becomes such an important step in good skin care for te most obvious reason. Our dead skin cells build up on the surface, and simple washing will not remove them! (:

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    52. My Makeup removers! Been using Cleansing Express! Which is actually a water based makeup remover! Now at probably my 4th bottle already! It's really cheap cause the ML is really high and readily available at any Watsons! (:

    Haven't tried the ROC makeup remover B got me, probably soon! (: 
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    53. What are the pimple serums I rely on for trouble areas?
     Sampar and Ettusais! I prefer the Ettusais one cause the Sampar one stings quite a bit!
    At times of my period or stress days, i will use a few drops on trouble areas! (:

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    54. What perfumes do I use?
    Besides my latest addition, Chloe, there are the few perfumes I use. Chanel for days when I want to feel older. Escada Moonsparkle and Paris Hilton are the scents I use on a daily basis. I said it before and say it now, i love sweet scenes!!! (: 

    55. LAST! I am satisfied with what I have, where I am and what I'm doing now! (:

    P/s: I previously did a Top 7 Questions post which you might be interested if you are new here!

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    Anonymous said...

    Hi, zoe, jus wondering. U mentioned that u wast enticed to purchasing clothes after blogging bcoz u have got sponsors for ur apparel needs? its amazing u do not club and home by 10pm=D I see that some BS owners love clubbing alot. sometimes wunder did they use the $ frm selling clothes to furnish their expenses..Nice post zoe!

    Anonymous said...

    why did u have diploma for only a year? CURIOUS*

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Zoe, where did you get the polka dot red/pink maxi you wore with zonia for the camera adverts from? They look really cute!!!

    Anonymous said...

    hmmm.. what about the details of the makeup u uses? what brand of liquid eyeliner are u using? i've got the same type of double eye lid as u (hidden double eye lid) but i've always got a prob when drawing eyeliner. after drawing /applying it for sometime of the day, i always ended up getting another line on the upper part of my eye lid. wonder if u experience the same thing? not sure if its bcos i'm using crayon eyeliner.

    Peien said...

    NO.27 SO TRUE!! can't you be a little more patient?!

    NO.31 you sure or not?! LOL!!!

    NO.38 i still remember this! its so funny!

    NO.43 aren't you sick of LA PI XIAO XIN!? i've been watching it with you OVER and OVER again!


    Anonymous said...

    Hey babe,

    You have NEVER clubbed?

    Wow, thats impressive. Keep it up yea? :)


    Anonymous said...

    This post is all about. How rich u are and yet you no need to spend a cent to get all ur branded stuff. As well as how good you are to your family. :)

    twiinklex said...

    I love you even more after reading this entry :)

    Meli said...

    I love Escada too! :D sweetest scent ever! <3

    i said...

    Hi Zoe! Nice post about you! If it was me I couldnt have remembered so many things about myself haha!

    Anyways this is my blogshop! Do visit =D hhehhe!

    passerby said...

    hi coincidentally i think i saw u today on the train.. ya wearing a pink dress eh.. on your way home inside the train to red hill i guess. anyway nice seeing you.. ur blog has been a good and fun read.. nice meeting u in real person.. have fun stay funky..

    Anonymous said...

    Hi i think i coincidentally saw u in the train today, ya wearing a pink dress eh? anyway nice meeting u in real person.. ur blog has been a good and fun read.. keep it up.. stay funky ..

    Anonymous said...

    why are you like trying to tell people how filial and good you are. trying to tell ppl how "perfect" your life is.. Have you ever spared a thought for people who don't have a life like you and stop flaunting all your products and stuff! it's annoying!

    Anonymous said...


    May I know where did you buy your canon S95? S$500?

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Zoe,

    This is totally random... but why did u choose 55, instead of other numbers of things about u? hahah

    Anonymous said...

    hey babe! i am alsp using escada moonsparkle perfume! and it's almost finishing soon, i searched at various places for it but they seemed to not carry it you know anywhere that sells it?
    by the way, you can try escada ocean lounge, it smells like sweet rasberries i think? hope to hear from you soon ;)

    Anonymous said...

    where did you get your camera frm?

    lifong said...

    hey where did u get Canon S95 for$500? its selling everywhere at close to 700!!

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for sharing all these with us:)
    I'm curious about this point though:
    33. I'm the youngest everywhere I go after my Os. I started my diploma, degree and work ahead of my peers.

    How did you do it?

    Anonymous said...

    Hello zoe,
    I don't know what the point of you saying that your family has a HUGE Honda Odyssey?
    What's the BIG deal about it?
    It's your dad's car and not yours, unless you're the one who bought that car?
    Why must you emphasize on that HUGE, and it's in upper case? Who doesn't know it's a 7 seater car which is group under large MPV-class?

    You can just write that your family has a Honda Odyssey.
    That's it!

    ING said...

    HAHA! What is wrong with people man ? If zoe wants to say HUGE Honda Odyssey, is her choice wad. why can't she say that ? is a different perspective you see. She find it huge for herself ar. maybe you are SUPER BIG SIZE, so you find Honda Odyssey normal. Don't always infer what people say lah.

    sgrmse. said...

    high five to being june babies!!