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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Decluttering is made easy with Gumtree!

Photo 28-3-15 3 29 34 pm

My Mom has always been nagging on how much stuff I bring home always and how it makes the house so messy! I have a 6-layer drawer for my accessories, 2-layer drawer for my new makeup, a long drawer just for my bikinis and the list goes on. 

Photo 28-3-15 2 55 37 pm

I have heard of Gumtree being a pioneer in Singapore’s largest classifieds portal from my colleagues. It connects people who are selling their items, both new and pre-loved, to those who are looking to purchase these items. Decluttering is going to be made easy with Gumtree now! 

So when I told my Mom about Gumtree, it got her pretty excited too! I’ll finally be giving new homes to the stuff I’ve been neglecting, making our house much more organised and tidy. And so we spent a weekend's afternoon picking out more things to put on Gumtree

Photo 28-3-15 3 29 42 pm

We did a video to highlight some of the stuff I had put up on sale! 


So... these are some of the things that I've put up on my own Gumtree Profile to sell! 

Photo 28-3-15 2 34 05 pm

Spent just an hour taking photos and uploading them up!

Photo 28-3-15 2 42 02 pm

Photo 28-3-15 2 41 58 pm

Photo 28-3-15 2 40 51 pm
Putting in the right key words onto my selling page!

First up, a brand new Coach Wristlet which was bought for about S$100?

Photo 28-3-15 2 50 16 pm
And this is going at just $20!! 

I have too many faux lashes in my makeup drawer and been too lazy recently to wear them. So I have decided to let go some of them! 

Photo 28-3-15 2 49 18 pm

2 boxes of Dollywink Faux Lashes (lower, total 4 pairs)! A box of 2 pairs is retailing at $24.90! I'm letting go both together at just $20!

Selling more lashes over on my Gumtree page! 

Photo 28-3-15 2 45 24 pm

I’m hopelessly in love with Laneige so I bought a few bottles of this at one go, to give to my friends, my sister and even my mum! Good things must share! So this brand new, sealed up Laneige Sleeping Mask which is retailing at S$45 at departmental stores could be yours for $20!

Photo 28-3-15 3 44 33 pm

Hee Collagen Magic that is retailing at S$135! This device uses an advanced light technology that deeply penetrates into the skin’s dermis to encourage skin health and radiance. 

Photo 28-3-15 3 44 56 pm

A collagen booster that promotes the production of collagen and re-energize the cellular activity and it can be used on your face, eye contour, lips, hands and neck for a visible shine! Again, going for $20! 

I got this versatile red bag sometime back but haven't had the chance to take it out to use!

Photo 28-3-15 2 58 35 pm

It can be carried as a clutch, handbag or sling and is of a really classy shade of red. If you are looking for a new bag for yourself or a nice gift, this could be one of your options! It retails for $55 but you can get it from my profile page at $10!

Photo 28-3-15 2 47 10 pm
Kenneth Cole Men's Watch

Cause my Dad is an avid watch-collector and I borrow them to wear out sometimes! He has too many and he hasn’t even gotten around to wearing some of them yet. I managed to convince him to declutter too, and let go of a couple of watches from his collection. They were bought at S$100+ each so it's definitely going to be a good deal! Grab them for $20 each!


Here's how simple to put up something for sale on Gumtree! Here's how I put the Casio watch up!

Photo 28-3-15 2 47 01 pm
Go get this, also at $20!!

I've got more over on my Gumtree Profile!

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.13.56 am

So yes, anyone can set up a shop on Gumtree! Whether you’re looking to clear your closet, spring clean your home, or you love handicraft and enjoy making your own accessories, you could be starting your very own business today!

Photo 28-3-15 2 52 17 pm

Since I have cleared off so many of my stuff, I am now entitled to make some purchases too right?! So I also started to play around Gumtree's portal to see what have people been selling, and it's literally anything can be for sale!! There are furniture, cosmetic, clothes and even household appliances and they are indicated if they are lightly used or even brand new! 

A yoga fanatic now, I also did a "Yoga" search on the engine box and there were so many return results!


I am seriously considering getting these items. Buying them here means a big saver on my pocket!! 

This Lululemon yoga cropped pants is going at just $60!


A pair at the store would cost me at least double at $120 or more?

What?! $8.90 full glass weighing machine?!

You can even find a Dolce Gusto coffee maker! 

Lesson learnt: Search Gumtree before heading down to a store if you ever have something to buy from now on!

It was very easy to manoeuvre around Gumtree! With search functions which include a location filter allows me to know where the seller is! I can now make a purchase based on convenience of the meet up location and better plan if the items are bulkier! 

Look at the left side bar of the well-categorized tabs for easy shopping!

Being the largest classifieds platform in Singapore, Gumtree gets the most eyeballs for your items that you put up for sale, and has the largest inventory of items for buyers who are looking for anything under the sun. 

Being mobile-enabled so I can surf and sell anywhere, anytime! 

Wait no more!! Set up an account yourself now and start selling your neglected things! Let's declutter our homes and earn some money at the same time!! 

P/S: Sell the stuff you do not need now and you have the best excuse to shop again without feeling guilty! 

Photo 28-3-15 3 29 38 pm

Visit Gumtree on their facebook page and Instagram today for more regular updates! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Beauty Haul

I recently received a huge bag of skincare! So for the past weeks, I have been using these products and I'm ready to do a beauty haul!!

Photo 8-3-15 1 50 38 pm
Beauty haul!! 

Starting with Goodal which brand name is really unique, which is actually a combination of "Good" and "All".

Photo 8-3-15 1 06 51 pm

Goodal is the first ever skincare line from Korea which is made from raw seed fermentation from seven select seeds. Made from nature's best in their products, ingredients are sourced from the Amazonian rain forest- one of the world's greatest natural resources! Goodal skincare products are really hydrating, leaving skin supple and energized!

Photo 8-3-15 1 33 05 pm

Step 1: Starting with Goodal's Oil to Foam Cleanser, which converts oil into foam!! It works as a makeup remover as well, with the oil component melting dirt and makeup! 

Photo 8-3-15 4 53 55 pm

Upon massaging the oil with water, it transforms into foam, producing a thorough but gentle cleaning action! I am not a fan of oil based makeup remover cause I do not like the after feeling and how much water I have to splash to wash off all oil residue. But this was perfect, with the clever combination play of oil turn into foam, my face was soft and clean within minutes! It worked really well in removing my makeup base and eye makeup too! 

Step 2: Goodal Skin Mist works as a toner and doubles up as a serum, triples up as a light moisturizer!

Photo 8-3-15 1 11 50 pm

Skin mist truly simplifies my skincare regime. I would now bring this little bottle whenever I go for my yoga classes! 

Photo 8-3-15 6 02 01 pm

Skin Mist has the ability to give skin instant hydration, plumps up the skin. Application is simple too! Spray the most before makeup to allow better adhesion of makeup and spray again to set makeup or refresh skin! What I like best about Skin mist is that it's non sticky!!

As mentioned earlier, ingredients are sourced from the Amazonian rain forest, and therefore, the scent of the mist was very relaxing and soothing. Very much reminded me of a spa treatment! 

Step 3: Goodal Silky Plus Soothing Gel Cream literally melts into the skin and offers lasting hydration! 

Photo 8-3-15 1 10 19 pm

No sticky nor greasy after feeling, it also brightens the skin while delaying the onset of wrinkles!

Photo 8-3-15 1 10 55 pm

Step 4: The last step is also the most important step. In sunny Singapore, it's important to keep protected against the sun! 

Photo 8-3-15 1 34 18 pm

Therefore, every skincare regime is not complete without sunscreen! Goodal UV Protect Sun Finisher does not acts only as a SPF30 sunblock but also a primer and moisturizer.

The Sun Finisher is light and application was easy. It glided easily on my skin and does not leave any sticky feeling. 

Photo 8-3-15 1 34 06 pm

So this 4-step Goodal skincare regime is really hydrating, with 3 out of 4 of the products with moisturizing capabilities! My skin type is towards the dry side so this range is very suitable. Goodal's products' main ingredient of "Fermented Phyto" is fermented oil, which allows excellent skin penetration effect that deeply moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.

Next up, it's Dearberry. I love this name so much! It is so cute and like the name suggested, Berry series is made from berry extracts of 8 select berries. 

Photo 8-3-15 12 48 08 pm

The 8 berries are Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Strawberry, Acai, Aronia and Elderberry! It's known that extracts of berries are abundant in Vitamin C for radiant complexion.   

Starting off with the cute white and orange tube of Cleanberry Cleansing Foam!

Photo 8-3-15 12 43 45 pm

This is a very girly cleansing foam, I say so because girls love everything that makes them smell good! After a week of usage, my skin is visibly brighter and radiant. This is only because the cleansing foam is enriched with Vitamin B and Vitamin C, producing lavish nourishment for skin while removing dead skin cells! 

Photo 8-3-15 12 46 08 pm

Photo 8-3-15 12 45 31 pm
Happy cause it smells super good!! 

Next, time to tone and moisturize! With whitening capabilities, the Berry Bright Moisture Toner and Berry Bright Moisture Emulsion aids in reducing signs of skin stress, troubles and targets to treat fine lines of ageing! I haven't gotten fairer since my last cruise trip so I am really happy with the whitening differences I see in my skin thus far, I can't wait to see more visible results in the next few weeks! 

Photo 8-3-15 1 31 59 pm
Berry Bright Moisture Toner 

Photo 8-3-15 1 30 59 pm
Berry Bright Moisture Emulsion 

This Berry skincare is dedicated to achieving dewy and fair complexion! If you are looking for that in your skin, this range is the way to go! 

There is also Miacare!! Having sold 30 million patches a year, this was one of the products that got me really excited! Also because I always see my sister, Zonia and girlfriends using it on days where they have zits! They swear by it! 

Especially so after all the travel feasting these 2 months, this ultra thin, stick on pimple patches are designed to combat acne effectively and effortlessly! 

Photo 8-3-15 1 40 57 pm

I actually have a patch on my face.. Can you spot it????

Photo 8-3-15 1 40 50 pm

I didn't want to take such an unglamorous close up shot but I had to cause every shot couldn't show even a slight view of the pimple patch! 

Photo 8-3-15 1 40 37 pm
Even this up close, it was still hardly visible!! Superb!! 

The two-fold method allows the patch to heal the zit without scarring while concealing it well. The range is suitable for all skin types and there's Day (thinnest!!), Night (for max pus absorption) which retail at S$4.50 and the Day and Night (for whole day pimple care!) at S$6.20. This has 18 patches while the other 2 packs have 12 so it is really a bit more value for money!! 

Last but not least, Ponds. Ponds is a brand which is familiar to all!

Photo 8-3-15 1 44 03 pm

This Ponds Age Miracle skin care range is made up of essential anti-ageing creams that will give the skin glow and youthfulness. The result is a revolutionary breakthrough in anti-ageing!! Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex is a potent system of 6 Bio-actives that work together with the natural processes of our skin to deliver 3 times more skin renewal power!

Another key selling point of the cream is that it comes with 2 creams, 1 for upper eye lid and 1 for lower eye lid. Both creams each work their own kind of wonder! The Pink cream is for the upper eye lid and it works to firm the lids, while the white cream is for the lower lid which reduces fine lines, wrinkles and dark eye circles!

Ponds Age Miracle is gentle and light on the skin and I want to highlight that it helped me with my dark eye circles especially after these few weeks of late nights. It visibly lightens the eye circles and I do not require concealer for my makeup regime now. A light makeup base is more than enough.

Before we head out to get your hands on this brand, I will be listing below where these brands are available at!!

* Goodal – selected Guardian outlets, Guardian online store, BHG,

* Miacare – selected Guardian outlets, Guardian online store, selected NTUC outlets

* Ponds – Guardian outlets, Guardian online store, BHG, Robinsons

* Dearberry – selected Watson, BHG Bugis Junction,

Thank you for making me such a happy girl, by sending so many beauty goodies my way! 

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Styling with Glampalm!

Photo 14-3-15 8 56 45 am

I have been using GlamPalm hair styler ever since Sheila recommended it to me. I've relied on it to style my hair for the past few months, for shoots and Chinese New Year! I also brought it along to Bali! It's light, compact yet it does magic to the hair! 

Photo 14-3-15 8 52 37 am

Photo 14-3-15 9 04 34 am

I like how it comes complete with a Luxury Travel Pouch and 2 Sectioning Clips! 

Photo 14-3-15 9 06 25 am

I really like the sleek bag which my friends thought was my clutch when I brought it out! That's how good it looks! I have used many other styling tools and always have trouble keeping it especially when it's still heated or bringing it out. 

It's also my first professional hair style which allows temperature setting like those used by hair salons!! 

Photo 14-3-15 9 01 42 am

You can change to the desired temperature setting as soon as you switch on the styler!

Photo 14-3-15 8 59 02 am

Photo 14-3-15 8 54 12 am

Curling was a breeze. I set my styling tool's heat to 160 degrees and hold on to a small section of hair for about 5 seconds and I can achieve these curls! 

The styling tool is so good, I do not have to go back to the same lock of hair to run through the heat another time. 

Photo 14-3-15 8 55 06 am

Photo 14-3-15 8 58 52 am

That said, my hair-do can be done within 10 minutes max!!

Cause I have very fine, thin and just shoulder-length hair, I am using GP201 which is the one with a standard plate. 

GlamPalm Singapore offers 3 different sizes of stylers and if you are not sure which model to get, check out Styler Guide! The guide recommends based on your hair length, type and what styles you would like to achieve!! 

Photo 14-3-15 8 56 49 am

All GlamPalm products are made from start to finish in South Korea and comes with 1 year warranty! Quote ZOE15 for S$15 off your styling tools today at

GlamPalm is also available at Hairloom Salon!

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