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Monday, April 21, 2014

Hi Monday!

Photo 19-4-14 4 29 43 pm

Hardly have time to go for a facial? Uniquely Yours sent me a tub of ePure which assures that your skin would be 60% more hydrated, 55% more refined and 52% brighter in just 40 minutes!

Uneven and dull skin, freckles and pigmentation, sagging and wrinkles? They are caused by a lack of Hyaluronic Acid in our skin as we age. 

Therefore, increase and production of Hyaluronic Acid is important because when we hit 25, our skin is left with 65% Hyaluronic Acid as compared to a baby. Moving up, when we hit 50, we are left with only 25%. 

Photo 19-4-14 4 33 00 pm

Photo 19-4-14 4 36 58 pm
Slapping some on!

ePure is the brainchild of a renowned skincare laboratory in Taiwan with a history of 30 years! One of the main ingredients in ePure is Hyaluronic Acid- Triple Moist Complex which replenishes the skin's moisture reservoir and minimizes unsightly pores. At the same time, it also stimulates the skin's natural production of Hyaluronic Acid! Some of the other natural ingredients in ePure are Seaweed Extract, Alpha Arbulin, Jojoba Leaf Extract and ePure natural vanilla scent. Read more about these ingredients here! 

Photo 19-4-14 4 37 15 pm

Photo 19-4-14 4 38 44 pm


And me with my face full of ePure and waiting for 40 minutes to be up by camwhoring!! :D

Photo 19-4-14 4 39 51 pm

Photo 19-4-14 4 39 31 pm

With Mothers' Day round the corner, how does an evening of facial at the comfort of your own home with your Mother sound? (:

ePure's ingredients are all natural but if you would like to give it a try before making a bigger purchase, ePure is available on Uniquely Yours via sachets at S$36.90 (retail is S$39.90) and full sized Jar at S$55 (retail is S$60)! 

Photo 19-4-14 4 40 47 pm

Please quote Zoe Raymond for free normal postage for all items and an additional 5% off for purchase of above S$150. 


Photo 9-3-14 4 12 55 pm

It's Monday again so here is's weekly launch! Every launch moves rather quickly for and got the owner, Sya, very excited to launch more to please her customers! 

Photo 9-3-14 4 13 01 pm
So I can have cute butterflies on my dress too!

In this week's launch, expect to shop in a collection of more printed work and play dresses! 

Photo 9-3-14 4 07 37 pm

And my favorite dress on Zonia is this sparrow printed navy dress! And if you are 165cm like Zonia, this dress would fall nicely above the knees! 

Photo 9-3-14 3 48 47 pm
Little buds of roses

Photo 9-3-14 3 23 28 pm
Aztec prints!

Another favorite of mine! (:

Photo 9-3-14 4 02 12 pm

Last but not least, my favorite dress in the launch, this flora printed bodycon for the petites! Do quote Zoe at for 10% off your shopping cart! (: 

Will be posting more OOTDs of myself in's apparels via Instagram and Dayre when I'm in Europe end of next week!! (:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chester Photography.

Had lunch with Chester last week at Changi City Point. It has been so long since we met! It's really great to catch up with my "old" friends now and then. Chester also brought one of his new cameras and we had some quick shots at the Changi City Point sky garden after lunch. Didn't know the existence of this beautiful place until now! (:

Wearing Fluttering Romance Dress from Hollyhoque! We took almost 200 shots, here are some of my favorites. Thank you, Chester! (:

Photo 10-4-14 8 09 00 pm

Photo 10-4-14 8 07 40 pm

Photo 10-4-14 7 49 45 pm

Photo 10-4-14 7 48 34 pm

Photo 10-4-14 12 00 00 am

Photo 10-4-14 7 50 54 pm

Photo 10-4-14 7 58 32 pm

Photo 10-4-14 7 57 07 pm

Photo 10-4-14 7 56 41 pm

Photo 10-4-14 7 56 09 pm

Photo 10-4-14 7 55 58 pm

Photo 10-4-14 7 53 52 pm

Photo 10-4-14 7 52 52 pm

Photo 10-4-14 5 56 32 pm

Photo 10-4-14 2 20 44 pm

Photo 10-4-14 2 20 13 pm

Photo 10-4-14 2 19 11 pm

Fluttering Romance Dress is still available in here! (:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Photo 4-4-14 8 48 52 pm

OOTD for Friday night! Wearing my worn to death denim shorts from Hollyhoque! :D 

Went over to Orchard Central for dinner. Shabu Shabu buffet for dinner! Shiok! We were there just at dinner time so there wasn't a queue. But the queue started pouring in soon later, thankful we didn't have to wait cause I was famished!! You get to choose 2 soup base and any free flow of chicken, beef or pork! 


Photo 4-4-14 9 16 37 pm
Helping myself with sushi!



Feast begins!!!


Love the pork best cause it was most tender. Don't forget to order more pork!! (:


There's also a DIY ice cream machine!! I didn't really want to have vanilla ice cream but I wanted to have a go at the machine. That's the child in me :P

Photo 4-4-14 9 15 01 pm

Photo 4-4-14 9 14 22 pm

Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 15:00
Mon - Fri: 18:00 - 22:00
Sat - Sun: 11:30 - 22:30

Told you about the crowd on the friday night.. This was how the place looked like after we were done with dinner! 


Orchard Central was really nicely decorated!! There was a garden with beautiful tables and chairs, butterflies and flowers! Though my outfit didn't match the theme, I had to get some shots anyway! (:

Photo 4-4-14 10 14 05 pm

Photo 4-4-14 8 51 47 pm

Photo 4-4-14 9 13 29 pm
fatty arms, go away! Need to do more planks!!

Photo 4-4-14 9 12 47 pm

Flowers too!

Had a sudden crave for chocolates and there's a Japanese snack shop at Orchard Central that sells all kinds of Japanese kit kats and even tokyo banana!!!

Photo 4-4-14 9 17 32 pm

Happy me with my macha and sakura kit kat! (:

Monday, April 14, 2014

What a Divine

Photo 3-4-14 6 49 56 pm

Had a networking event at Clarke Quay last week and wore Hollyhoque's What a Divine Stripe Dress for the evening. Sheila gave me this dress sometime back but haven't had the opportunity to wear it out! Finally the day! (: 

Photo 4-4-14 2 59 40 pm
Give me sexy back! :P

Thankful for a female colleague in the team now cause she helps me take photos of my OOTD with minimal complains hehehehe! Hi Dawn! (:



Photo 3-4-14 6 51 30 pm

Here's how the front of the What a Divine Stripe Dress looks like!! Comes in 2 other colors and the back doesn't expose bra, so no need for the mafan nu-bra! :D


Photo 9-3-14 4 02 14 pm needs no introductory now. They have been launching promptly weekly now and each launch sells out pretty quickly! This launch is a bigger one with bodycons, casual tops and some work dresses! I almost forgot how much I adore floral bodycons, used to own quite a few of them which I grew out of :P

Some lace pieces for the weekends?

Photo 9-3-14 3 28 55 pm
Available in grey and black!!

Photo 9-3-14 3 49 22 pm

Photo 9-3-14 3 30 40 pm
Favorite cropped dusty pink top with intricate lace at hems!

Photo 9-3-14 3 30 44 pm

And peterpan collar work dresses in dusty pink too!! (: 

Photo 9-3-14 4 05 01 pm

Photo 9-3-14 4 08 15 pm

Hop onto and get a 10% off when you quote Zoe10 at check out now! (:

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