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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dove’s Hair Fall Rescue!

Photo 21-3-15 10 50 01 am

I am not afraid to share that hair fall has always been one of my bigger concerns. Initially, I thought it was just me, but through girl talks with close family and friends, I realized that I was not alone.

Some of the reasons for my hair fall could be stress, regular hair coloring and excessive hair styling for shoots. I enjoy my potato chips and maggie mee which are both very high in sodium which would also cause hair fall as well.

Waking up to a pillow covered with strands of hair is definitely not enjoyable. It is really upsetting to see bunch of hair strands on the bathroom fall and sometimes clogging the sink after each bath. And also very annoying to have to sweep the floor so often cause of those unsightly hair strands.

I've always had very fine and little hair, therefore, having to deal with hair fall is truly upsetting. With understanding of my hair condition, I was recently given Dove Hair Fall Rescue Tonic to try out.

Photo 21-3-15 10 34 07 am

Did you know that hair fall shampoo and conditioner can only treat 22% of the problem? Dove’s Hair Fall Rescue Root Tonic treats the other 78%, right at the roots by acting like glue for your hair! Dove’s Hair Fall Rescue range strengthens your “hair glue” and nips hair fall from the root! A powerful ingredient called Trichazole Actives has been scientifically proven to prevent natural enzymes from breaking down “follicle glue”. In even more simple terms, this means that this new system roots the hair on the scalp longer!

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Tonic works directly on the scalp to address the problem at the root! You can check out to read the reviews for yourself too! Further laboratory tests have also found that the tonic significantly increased plucking force required, compared to tests without the product.

Photo 21-3-15 10 34 23 am

Enough of theory, now it's time for me to show you how it works!! After using Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner, it's time for application of Dove Hair Fall Rescue tonic! Using it is complete hassle-free!

Photo 21-3-15 10 34 14 am

Photo 21-3-15 10 45 09 am
The tonic is clear, with a slightly pinkish tint and smells so good! 

Photo 21-3-15 10 47 47 am
  1. Simply apply tonic directly onto the scalp and hair roots. 
  2. Spread it evenly through my scalp and hair roots
  3. Use it religiously for two weeks.
  4. 1 tiny bottle every 2 days or more to see optimal results.
Photo 21-3-15 10 46 00 am
Massaging the tonic in, evenly!

Even though I have only used the tonic for just a week, it works for me! Besides loving the fact that application is so easy, I especially like how the tonic is non-sticky and did not give an icky silicone feeling after application. I have an oily hair scalp and have tried hair fall treatment products over the years but gave up mid-way because they were too greasy. Most girls will agree that we can't go out of the house with wet and oily-looking hair.

I saw results especially at the fringe hair line, with tiny baby hair sprouting out! 

Besides taking pride in your hair with proper hair regime, we can also maintain healthy hair by exercising to reduce stress.

Photo 21-3-15 10 54 04 am
In Bakasana, Crow Pose! 

Bakasana is one of the many poses in yoga that allows the mind to be clear and focused, putting all worries and stress aside while we are on the mat.

We can also cut down on high sodium food and because hair is made of protein, a high in protein diet would also be beneficial for hair growth!

Photo 21-3-15 10 50 41 am (1)
Combing through my softer and healthier hair!

Photo 21-3-15 10 50 43 am (1)

We are en-route to healthier and stronger hair!

Now, hop on to for sample redemption and reviews!!

Photo 21-3-15 10 40 38 am

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sponsored Post: The Closest You’ll Get To Authentic Japanese Teapot-Brewed Tea

Photo 10-3-15 10 57 34 pm

I personally enjoy Heaven and Earth Ayataka Japanese green tea especially so when I'm dining. If it's available, I would always order it because I prefer unsweetened drinks. Besides the no sugar no calories factor, I love that it tastes closest to authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea! 

Picture taken at a dinner which i posted on Instagram at Japanese restaurant just awhile ago! 

Photo 5-2-15 9 47 35 pm
Enjoying my drink!! 

Photo 10-3-15 10 58 34 pm

Photo 10-3-15 10 58 01 pm

Besides having Ayataka while dining, I enjoy it with light snacks like these sour plums! These plums bring out the refreshing-ness of Ayataka! 

Ayataka Japanese Green Tea is brewed with specially selected tea leaves and besides being sugar and calorie free, it contains no preservatives! If you gently swirl the bottle, you would be able to see the cloudiness from matcha powder!

Photo 11-3-15 7 55 29 am
You can see that I like it chilled!  

My family enjoys it too, here's the 1.5litres bottle of Ayataka which my Mom bought!

Photo 11-3-15 7 55 18 am

I am also happy to share that in 2013, at a taste test conducted in Kyoto, Japan with 100 maiko (apprentice geisha) and geiko (geisha), Ayataka emerged as the closest to authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea, as well as the best tasting Japanese green tea!! How great is that? (:

Show us how you best enjoy the authentic taste of Ayataka and stand to win a 5D/4N trip to Japan! $100 vouchers to Yoshinoya will also be given out to a chosen entry each week! Find out more here:

Photo 28-2-15 12 32 10 pm

I enjoy Ayataka during my quiet me-time with some plums 

Photo 11-3-15 8 34 27 am
I enjoy a bottle of chilled Ayataka on the go, especially so in Singapore's humid weather!!

Photo 11-3-15 8 34 02 am

I enjoy Atataka even when I go for yoga! 

Simply share a photo of how you best enjoy the authentic taste of Ayataka on either the comments section of the contest post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

Hashtag #ayatakateapot and tag a friend! Do remember to set your account to “public” so we can see your entries!

Photo 11-3-15 7 55 26 am

Photo 11-3-15 7 55 23 am

Contest ends 25 April 2015! So Motto hayaku (faster)!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

We can all play a part towards Water Conservation!

Having travelled to various countries throughout the years, I have learnt to value the water that we are blessed with here in Singapore. We are probably one of the the countries that can even drink water off our running taps cause it's that clean! I remember visiting counties where we only drank bottled waters and used bottled waters to wash our faces and brush our teeth! These was then reaffirmed when I attended Singapore International Water Week in June 2014.

Photo 1-6-14 2 38 06 pm

At the event, I met young water leaders from around the world to engage in discussions on global water issues. They shared of the water issues they faced in their countries and they were really impressed with our water technology and how we protected water.

I am thankful that ever since I was a little girl, my mother would teach my sister, Zonia and I about conserving water.

Photo 18-3-15 2 05 28 pm

The first that she taught us as little girls was probably to use a cup to hold water when we brush our teeth, instead of letting water run down the sink.

Photo 18-3-15 2 07 49 pm

We should also off the tap when we are soaping ourselves in the shower room.

Photo 18-3-15 2 16 53 pm

If the tap is on, this would result in even more water waste than when we brush our teeth!!

I remember even when we had a domestic helper previously, my parents also educated her to wash the family's car with a bucket instead of a running hose! This tradition has followed us for years!

When my mom puts our clothes to wash, it's only when the laundry basket is full of clothes. Though it sometimes is quite unfriendly to look at an overflowing basket, she believes to only let the washing machine run when there's a full load to save on water.

These are some of the habits my family practice to water conservation, what about yours? (:

Besides these, if you have more habits, please share some of your water conservation initiatives with me in the comment box at the end of the post!

Water is a precious resource and we should value it and use it wisely! You can also visit PUB's website to read more on conservation!

You can also catch this heartwarming TV commercial which talks about water conservation which starts from Home!

Last but not least, for this initiative, PUB is holding a water conservation mobile showroom! PUB’s mascot Water Wally will be on site to meet his fans and here's the schedule below! 

(Thu) 19 Mar One Raffles Place Beside one altitude

(Fri) 20 Mar Icon@IBP 3A International Business Park, 609935(In front of foodcourt)

(Sun) 22 Mar Century Square 2 Tampines Central 5, Singapore 529509
Beside taxi stand (opposite the UOB Bank )

(Tue) 24 Mar Cathay Cineleisure 8 Grange Road
(Main entrance beside Starbucks)

(Wed) 25 Mar Cathay Cineleisure 8 Grange Road
(Main entrance beside Starbucks)

(Thu) 26 Mar Cathay Cineleisure 8 Grange Road
(Main entrance beside Starbucks)

See more here

Mark your calendars and bring your gmail is down today! Let's all play a part to make water conservation a success!

Photo 18-3-15 2 20 14 pm

Now, I'm done with my shower and ready for bed! (:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sadhana Sanctuary

Dear friends and followers, I have today terminated my engagement with Sadhana Sanctuary. Although this is where I started my yoga journey and have many fonds memories, I will remember what I've been taught & continue my practice. 

I started out at Sadhana as a happy paying customer for slightly more than a year, following with an endorsement for a year and half now. 

I am deeply saddened to be leaving the school. I started my yoga journey there, from the very basics to the poses I can manage now. I will miss the cosy environment and most importantly the teachers who had taught me so much. From the teachers who left, Henry (my abs looked the best after his abs classes) and Hannah to Azmi's classes that helped me get into a split, Chinggay who gave me a stronger core and taught me to engage it, and Bhanu who was so strict on my alignment that I still remember him telling me off in one of our classes that he does not want to have to correct me again when I didn't do Warrior 2 pose well. Not forgetting Sandeep who was such a terror but it was also him who pushed me over my limits to improve and hey! I can do a proper push up now! Lastly, the newer teachers, Vivian, Jasmine and Susan who imparted their knowledge too. Every teacher taught me something different but just as beautiful.  

Till we meet again, my dear teachers and friends. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kinsa Sushi

Photo 7-2-15 1 34 21 pm

Had always wanted to visit my fellow ex-Abacus colleague's Japanese cuisine venture. We have been talking since he opened his first Kinsa Sushi outlet years back at Ang Mo Kio and now, he has his second outlet at Hillview and finally we made plans to head over for a feast!!

It was nearing to cny then so 4byduex took the opportunity to head down for our cny lo hei at Kinsa Sushi as well!

Photo 7-2-15 12 21 57 pm
With Christine and the girls as we waited for the rest!

Photo 7-2-15 12 20 37 pm

Took a tour round the shop as well!!

Photo 7-2-15 12 18 46 pm

Shannon shared that the sushi conveyor that they use is actually magnetic so they don't run on the traditional belts! And the shop really lit up cause these conveyor are actually neon in colors! 

Photo 7-2-15 1 07 52 pm

Photo 7-2-15 1 06 48 pm

Shannon showing us their fish tank! So he shared that they bring in special fish every few days so customers are always in for a treat each time they visit. Expect different, fresh fish dependent on what the fishermen in Japan catch! 

Photo 7-2-15 1 05 55 pm

After a customer pick their fish, they can have it eaten any 2 ways! So the meat can be used for sashimi platter while the bones be made into a soup! And you only pay for the fish, no additional costs!

Photo 7-2-15 12 24 12 pm

Photo 7-2-15 2 33 52 pm
Our Lo Hei with a generous portion of salmon sashimi!!

Photo 7-2-15 2 42 40 pm

Photo 7-2-15 2 39 50 pm
Lo hei is always so much fun!!

Lunch then began with Foie Gras 

Photo 7-2-15 12 53 33 pm
Foie Gras Mizore Mushi ($6.80)

"Mizore" is a Japanese word that translates to snow and when you stir the soup lightly you'll find little White bits swirling around - like falling snow! This was so good!!! I love foie gras so this was perfect for me. Even more when the friends around you doesn't like foie gras, so you end up with even more! :D 

Photo 7-2-15 12 51 59 pm
Carrie checking me out? HAHA!

We all loved Kinsa's signature Wagyu Don ($24.80) so much! I would go back just for this affordable bowl of don which had a generous serving of A4 grade Wagyu, complete with an Onsen Tamago! This bowl would cost a few times more in other Japanese restaurants and the exact same grade used! 

Photo 7-2-15 12 51 48 pm

Photo 7-2-15 12 50 37 pm

Photo 7-2-15 1 32 23 pm
The hightlight of the lunch got to be these 2 sashimi platters!!

Photo 7-2-15 1 29 56 pm
Yellow back Sea Bream (S$32)

Photo 7-2-15 1 28 57 pm
Silver Crocker (S$30) 

Like Sheila, i only eat salmon sashimi, but it made the rest of our lunch kakis really happy! 

Photo 7-2-15 1 11 53 pm
So juicy and fresh!!!

Photo 7-2-15 2 19 34 pm
We had a 吉 sushi platter too!

Ended lunch with desserts!! We had mochi and vanilla ice cream which the kids enjoyed most!

Photo 7-2-15 2 45 00 pm


I have 5x $15 vouchers to share! 

To win, simply leave a comment below with your email address and comment who you would like to 
visit the restaurant with and why!!! Please also hop onto Kinsa Sushi's facebook page and like here to qualify! 

Photo 7-2-15 12 18 25 pm

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