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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Travel Made Different in Kyoto

Photo 19-6-14 12 33 28 pm

Besides the usual shopping and sightseeing activities when I travel, we decided to do something different when we visited Japan just a few months back!

We left the bustling city and embraced nature at Ohara, a rural town nestled in the mountains of northern Kyoto!

Photo 19-6-14 12 32 42 pm

Here we were, after a 40 minute bus ride! (:
Everywhere was photo worthy!

Photo 19-6-14 12 34 35 pm
My cousin, Yuxin! 

Photo 19-6-14 2 18 49 pm

We enrolled ourselves for a vegetable dyeing workshop and after a detailed lecture, we had a hands-on experience in dyeing our own fabrics!

So this was what greeted us at Ohara Kobo! A house full of beautifully-dyed sashes and shawls!!

7 (4)

Sensei Weda first went through with us on the basics of dyeing and what plants and materials are used to create the colors! And did you know that all 3 primary colors were achieved using plants! Let me share some fun-facts with you in the next few photos!! (:

7 (5)

Did you know that red roots were where we can get red colored dye? 

7 (14)

And it's from the Indigo plant that we get the blues! Notice the dried blue leaves? Most leaves turn brown when dried, but indigo leaves remained blue in color!! 

7 (6)
Indigo dye began with green!

7 (12a)
My very arty Gugu Julie and Cousin, Yuxin!

Yuxin and I rinsing and soaking the fabrics in boiling hot dye over and over again!

7 (7)
The green color dye eventually turned into blue upon contact with air. Tie-dye time!!

Yuxin is so good at this!! Look at her masterpiece of tie-dye after we were done with the rinsing and soaking!! 

7 (11)

And here were our creations which we left out in the sun to dry!!

Photo 19-6-14 1 55 10 pm
 We made 3 sashes to take home with us!

Photo 19-6-14 1 51 56 pm
Our sashes against the beautiful scenery of Ohara


We took a photo with Sensei Weda before we left Ohara to head back to Shijo-dori! I have always visited bustling cities but I haven't visited anywhere like Ohara which was such a beautiful tranquil rural village.

I have done a lot of sightseeing, shopping and cafe-hopping, but I have never done any hands on activities like tie-dyeing and to do it from scratch. It was really a great experience to be able to do something out of the ordinary. Being able to visit a home in Ohara, spending half a day there like a local. 

Thank you for the Travel Made Different experience, Ohara! Thank for giving us this special moment that is out of the ordinary.

Photo 19-6-14 12 38 43 pm

I'm sure you would have your own special moments that are out of the ordinary while you're travelling too! These special experiences that make your trip uniquely different from everyone else's!

Please share your #SSBD (Same Same But Different) moments with us on Instagram!! Everyone can take part in this contest and stand to win a $100 shopping voucher! Really, you could also share your #SSBD eating, doing, staying at somewhere interesting! For example, you could be eating some exotic local food in Japan such as puffer fish which is lethally poisonous and it must be carefully prepared to remove toxic parts!! You could also be having a forest adventure in Brunei, bungee jumping in Australia or opting for a home stay in Korea or Indonesia instead of the usual hotel stays! In fact it could be a really simple yet memorable moment such as your husband proposing to you on the hot-air balloon in Turkey or even dancing in the rain oveaseas!

So from now till 31st December 2014, Travel Made Different by NTUC Income will be giving away S$100 shopping vouchers to 40 @TravelMadeDifferent followers with amazing #SSBD (Same Same But Different) travel experiences!

Your sharing could help someone have a more fulfilling trip too and what's even better is you could be rewarded for it too! Better yet, I will be personally selecting a winner out of all your entries, so I will be looking forward to hear about your unique travel experiences!

1) Follow @TravelMadeDifferent on Instagram
2) Post a photo/video on Instagram of your 'Same Same But Different' travel experiences
3) Write an awesome caption about your photo/video and include these hashtags:
#TravelMadeDifferent #SSBD #country

Contest ends 31st December 2014, so make sure you send in your entries before then!
P.S. Please make sure your Instagram account is set to allow public viewing! (:

Have fun and good luck! (;

More on Ohara on Nineroofs

Monday, November 17, 2014

Shopping at Imybags!

IPhoto 26-10-14 6 54 23 pm

So I just got my new Chanel Jumbo bag from Imybags! I did a review for  Imybags sometime ago and I have always been checking back their website for more great deals! My girlfriends have been asking me to get a Chanel Jumbo for myself and I finally succumbed to it.

Photo 26-10-14 6 52 32 pm

After some discussion with my girlfriends, I settled for the caviar skin instead of lambskin cause it's said to be easier to maintain though the lambskin is smoother and glossier. Like the other bags on Imybags, this Chanel Jumbo is more than S$400 cheaper than the regular boutiques!

Shopping was different this time round for me too, better of course. For those who are skeptical about buying a pricey item off the online store can now go to the showroom for some shopping now! I went down to their new showroom at Tanglin Shopping Centre to view the bags.

Photo 26-10-14 10 47 22 am

So it was great happiness, cause I got to see, feel and try on the bags before deciding which bag to bring home!

Photo 26-10-14 10 46 38 am

Photo 26-10-14 10 46 22 am
Yves Saint Laurent! My pink YSL clutch was from Imybags too!

Photo 26-10-14 10 36 42 am
New in store is the black YSL clutch that i've always eyed!!

Photo 26-10-14 10 38 45 am
Prada fans, there is a wide range of Prada!

There is also a very new and interesting range of bags and accessories at Imybags! Elvis and Kresse, uses London Fire Brigade's decommissioned fire-hose and transform them into hand-made products! Besides fire-hose, they have also reclaimed materials such as military-grade canvas flap, parachute silk, coffee sack, closed cell foam, racing sail cloth, recycled cream paper, unique auction banner. 

Photo 26-10-14 10 39 13 am

Photo 26-10-14 10 45 35 am

Photo 26-10-14 10 45 19 am

Photo 26-10-14 10 40 39 am

What I love best about Elvis and Kresse is that, they even donate 50% of their profits to projects and charities related to the unique materials they reclaimed!! Do check them out if you are looking for something eco-friendly and also unique! 

Some of the bags that I really like are...

Photo 26-10-14 10 35 54 am

This Miu Miu Medium Bandoliera Madras Bicolore is one of them! The size is perfect for weekends, just right for the daily essentials! Got to love how the gold chain straps too! (:

Photo 26-10-14 10 35 27 am

Photo 26-10-14 10 34 33 am

And another Miu Miu bag that I really liked! :D

Photo 26-10-14 10 38 17 am

I almost got this Balenciaga Medium Classic Velo instead of the Chanel bag cause I am a pink fan and yet do not own any pink bag yet. 

Photo 26-10-14 10 37 40 am

Such a lovely shade, it makes girl go awwww... 

Photo 26-10-14 10 51 41 am

Having a lot of color pop fun with Givenchy's Mini Antigona Tote Bag! This yellow one is store exclusive at the moment and yet another good size for girls who are more petite. We sometimes need bags in such clashing and loud colors for our outfits! 

Photo 26-10-14 10 35 00 am

And now for the Giveaway!!

I am doing a Giveaway on Instagram today!! I will be giving away 2 items so there will be 2 winners (picked at random). Longchamp Medium Le Pliage Handbag and Longchamp Medium Le Pliage Toiletry Case!

All you have to do is

  1. Repost photo
  2. Follow iMyBags on instagram
  3. #imybags #imbzoegiveaway

Contest result will be announced on iMyBags instagram and winners will be contacted via instagram direct mention!

Meanwhile,  if there's something that caught your eye, quote IMBSGxZoe5 for a 5% discount off your shopping orders! Valid till 5 December 2014! (:

Ending the post with Kenneth, the Chief Operating Officer of Imybags! (:

Photo 26-10-14 10 41 22 am

19 Tanglin Road, #B1-22/23/24.
Tanglin Shopping Centre
Singapore 247909.
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10.30am to 6.30pm

Friday, November 14, 2014

The NIVEA Girl!

Photo 25-10-14 12 05 03 pm

NIVEA is one of the world’s most trusted skincare brands. For over 100 years, it has provided high quality products that are affordable to all. The NIVEA brand has always been familiar to me as I was growing up because my Mom always buy their creams and products.

Photo 18-10-14 11 39 23 am

Photo 18-10-14 11 37 15 am

I always go for yoga right after work and with a face full of makeup, it's really harmful for my skin. It's fussy and heavy to bring along a bottle of makeup remover, cotton pads and facial cleanser every time. Every time I don't cleanse my face, I end up getting some zits on my face!! 

Photo 18-10-14 11 30 26 am

Photo 18-10-14 11 33 09 am

So I am thankful for NIVEA wipes that are fuss- free,easy and portable cleanser to keep me feeling cleansed and refreshed!! It's a makeup remover and cleanser all in the form of 1 wipe!!

Photo 18-10-14 11 42 03 am

Photo 18-10-14 11 42 32 am

Photo 18-10-14 11 42 29 am

I personally enjoy the Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes best because it leaves my skin feeling cooling, fresh and bright! NIVEA wipes are the bestseller in NIVEA's stable, formulated to be effective! It cleanses, tones and hydrates while being ultra gentle, taking off grime and makeup with ease!!

Photo 18-10-14 11 42 19 am

There is a NIVEA wipes pack for everyone because there are 4 different facial wipes for every skin type! Because NIVEA knows that different skin types have a different need, NIVEA facial cleansing wipes has different formulation to cater to these needs.

Photo 25-10-14 12 14 09 pm
  1. Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes for normal to combination skin. 
  2. Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes for dry and sensitive skin
  3. Fragrance-free Facial Cleansing Wipes for all skin types (even sensitive ones!!)
  4. 3in1 Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Wipes for oily to combination skin
Photo 25-10-14 12 16 17 pm

NIVEA being very thoughtful, if you prefer to go even lighter, NIVEA Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes also come in pack of 7s!

Got to try the NEW 3in1 Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Wipes which has 2 different sides! The soft side is for cleansing while the other textured side is for exfoliating! Both sides are infused with Magnolia Bark Extract which prevents blemishes! This is really unique to me and I love how great it feels on my skin.

Photo 25-10-14 12 15 11 pm

Last but not least, NIVEA is on the hunt for #theNIVEAgirl!! The winner will....
  1. Be the face of NIVEA’s campaign 2015
  2. Walk away with S$1000 shopping vouchers
  3. One year supply of NIVEA products worth S$1500
  4. Receive a Professional makeover and photoshoot
  5. Front a two-page feature in CLEO magazine

All you have to do is take a selfie with a packet of NIVEA wipes and hashtag #theNIVEAgirl #NIVEAsg to participate on Instagram!! Entry closes 26th December 2014! Good luck, ladies!! (:

Photo 18-10-14 11 30 08 am 

Watch what  we have to say here!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Photo 11-11-14 10 26 23 am

Started the day with some yoga practice! Been practicing my shoulder stands a lot recently and just 15 minutes practice made me perspire this much!! :D 

It was calendar delivery for us and hey! #yogaeverydamnday and everywhere, anywhere too! :P

Photo 11-11-14 11 06 13 pm

Photo 11-11-14 11 06 00 pm
Lousy downward dog haha!

Changed out and headed for dinner with love, Sheila and JY. The princess wanted to have Tonkichi so there we were! (:

Photo 11-11-14 8 17 52 pm

Photo 11-11-14 11 41 03 pm

Photo 11-11-14 8 24 58 pm
Salmon sashimi salad to share!

Photo 11-11-14 8 34 46 pm
JY's fish

Photo 11-11-14 8 28 34 pm
Ebi fry to share!

Photo 11-11-14 8 27 12 pm

Photo 11-11-14 8 34 26 pm

Photo 11-11-14 8 33 55 pm

Photo 11-11-14 8 30 43 pm
My soso kimchi ramen

Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road #07-06 s238896
6238 7976

More OOTD c/o of Sheila hehe! (:

Photo 11-11-14 8 13 52 pm

Ztyle of The Day
Paisley Mirror Floral Pencil Dress: My Secret Patio
Promo: Quote ZR15 for 15% off storewide, valid till 30th Nov. 
Bag: Celine
Shoes: Vivo City

So much love for this pencil dress! The dress is perfect for work and not the usual boring printed work dresses. I love pastels and florals a lot and the colors of this piece are really girly and refreshing! (:

Photo 11-11-14 8 13 10 pm

Photo 11-11-14 8 12 50 pm

Ended the evening with Coldstone ice cream before heading back home. Orchard Road is now all lighted up and ready for Christmas! Take a walk down Orchard Road to enjoy the lights if you have not! (:

Photo 11-11-14 9 05 03 pm

Photo 11-11-14 9 04 00 pm

Came home to a shock cause all these were on the floor! Sissy Zonia just got home from her trip to Japan and she bought so much snacks back!! She purposely had them on the floor to surprise me and cause she knew how much I'm a snack foodie! :D

Photo 11-11-14 11 01 37 pm

Most importantly, i'm glad that she enjoyed her trip to Japan so much and came back safe (:

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