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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Heineken Cities Festival!

Photo 30-8-14 8 14 27 pm

Enjoyed in over 198 countries around the world, Heineken is Singapore’s most enjoyed premium international beer. A well-balanced and smooth lager known for its pure taste and consistent quality, Heineken is also renowned the world over for its innovative initiatives.

Photo 30-8-14 8 28 18 pm

Photo 30-8-14 8 27 55 pm

On 30th August, I was honored to be invited to join at the Media team at Heineken Cities Festival - to celebrate the launch of the 6 Heineken City Edition bottles named after the top cities of the world – Singapore, Amsterdam, Shanghai, London, New York, and Rio de Janeiro!

Photo 30-8-14 8 19 34 pm

We kicked start the party with a group shot of the Nuffnang bloggers!

Photo 30-8-14 8 26 21 pm
Selfies with Sheila!!

Photo 30-8-14 8 26 26 pm

Photo 30-8-14 8 37 14 pm
Geck Geck came to join the fun too so here's a picture of us at the Heineken photobooth! 

Photo 30-8-14 8 46 14 pm
Hi Noel!

Photo 30-8-14 8 29 22 pm

Photo 30-8-14 9 01 02 pm
Fun begins!!

Held at Club Street and Ann Siang Hill, the atmosphere was amazing!! The urban festival had different city experiences at each part of Club Street and Ann Siang to allow us to discover the world right here in Singapore!

Some of my favorites of the evening!!

16) Heineken Cities Festival - Shanghai - Dancers

13) Heineken Cities Festival - London - Buskers

8) Heineken Cities Festival - Amsterdam - Mural Artist Mindflyer

12) Heineken Cities Festival - New York - Hip Hop Dancers
New York!

Photo 30-8-14 9 38 13 pm

Photo 30-8-14 8 22 08 pm

Photo 30-8-14 8 56 20 pm

These Heineken City Edition Bottles are limited edition bottles which features New York, London, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Singapore!

Photo 30-8-14 8 47 29 pm

These bottles will be available at all bars which serve Heineken island-wide till end September! Dear fellow Singaporeans, the special Singapore edition of the Heineken Cities series will be exclusive to Singapore and will retail between $12 to $18 each, along with the others in the series!

Photo 30-8-14 8 39 24 pm

Photo 30-8-14 8 51 20 pm

Photo 30-8-14 8 42 13 pm

We had a great time, good food and drinks. And nothing beats a good party with chilled Heinekens and great company too! 

Photo 30-8-14 8 20 56 pm

If you missed out on the festival and would like to seek out more cool spots and hidden gems in Singapore, don’t forget to check out

Monday, September 15, 2014

Paris 2014

Photo 14-5-14 5 34 54 am

Paris was our last stop of the Trafalgar tour. It really is true when they say "Saving the best for the last". I really enjoyed Paris the most. Aside from all the shopping, Paris is beautiful. Definitely going back soon! (:

The Trafalgar 12 days tour that we took aims to cover as much of Europe as possible so most of our time, unfortunately, was spent on the coach. Thankfully, we had free wifi on the bus omg right!!! We shouldn't have bought our prepaid cards. We woke up at 6+ am every morning, breakfast at 7am. So we didn't have much sleep so we usually knock out on the coach!


Daddy on the streets of Paris!

Photo 14-5-14 5 51 46 am

Photo 14-5-14 5 49 38 am

Photo 14-5-14 5 48 34 am

Photo 14-5-14 5 47 53 am

Photo 14-5-14 5 47 33 am

Photo 14-5-14 5 46 19 am

Photo 14-5-14 5 30 57 am






Photo 14-5-14 2 09 39 pm

Took a cab back to the hotel, we got a very kind and chatty driver. After Rome, we got very careful with cabbies and always put up our guards. Started the morning with a Paris tour on the bus and stopped by the best place to get a shot with the Eiffel Tower!

Photo 14-5-14 10 38 17 pm

Our bus stopped us for awhile at the Trocadero Gardens. Zonia and I ran all the way to the front where there were lesser people to get some good shots.

Photo 14-5-14 10 36 55 pm
Doing some yoga poses, a wheel pose variation :P

Photo 14-5-14 10 38 37 pm
Wheel Pose at the Eiffel Tower!

Photo 14-5-14 10 40 36 pm
Navasana; Boat Pose!

Photo 14-5-14 10 40 12 pm

Met up with the rest of the group to the foot of Eiffel Tower and got a few jump shots with the "kids" of the tour! (:

Photo 14-5-14 8 18 36 pm

Cause I learnt that it was hard to get everyone off at the same time in a shot at Mount Pilatus, I decided to do a video and screen shot the best :P You can also do this the next time, the success rate is much higher haha! 

Photo 14-5-14 5 04 16 pm

Photo 14-5-14 5 03 59 pm

Why are the skies always so beautiful in Europe?!

Photo 14-5-14 10 42 32 pm

Photo 14-5-14 10 44 02 pm

Photo 14-5-14 10 45 41 pm

We headed back to the hotel to wash and freshen up for our evening! We weren't supposed to be at Moulin Rouge but Zonia and I decided to get tickets for the family to surprise our parents! We knew that Mommy wanted to watch the show and it was Mommy's birthday the next day so it was her present from her daughters :))))

Photo 15-5-14 12 28 41 am
All dressed! Didn't bring any other shoes except boots and sneakers cause we weren't planning to watch the show :P

Look at the queue for the second show!!

We got really good seats, very very near to the stage! We couldn't take photos of the show so there isn't much photos to share. 

Photo 15-5-14 2 48 34 am
#ootd in the toilet

The only pictures I got out from Moulin Rouge were what we ate haha!

Photo 15-5-14 1 27 08 am
I can't remember what this was :X

Photo 15-5-14 1 59 58 am
Steak with pepper sauce

Photo 15-5-14 1 29 55 am
Foie Gras

Photo 15-5-14 2 22 55 am
Chocolate Mousse dessert!

Back at the hotel after the show. We enjoyed the show so much!!! It was worth every cent! I would highly recommend anyone who's heading to Paris to catch the show if you can. (:

Zonia with Ali after the show!

Went back for some serious packing as we end our Trafalgar tour the very next morning. We were due to head back to London to meet up with Uncle Chye and his family for a few more days before we go back to Singapore.

Photo 15-5-14 6 06 07 am
All our loots :P :P

Back where we started 2 weeks ago... on the cruise at White Cliffs of Dover...

Photo 15-5-14 8 09 31 pm

Ended our Trafalgar tour with our last jump shots with our knowledgeable and fun guide, Emile, our awesome driver and the cool kids :P

Photo 15-5-14 4 03 59 pm

Photo 15-5-14 4 03 53 pm

Photo 15-5-14 4 03 50 pm

I will see you soon, Paris.
Thank you, Trafalgar for the great trip and memories.

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