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Sisters Maternity Shoot

Sisters don't need words. They have perfected their own secret language of smiles, sniffs, sighs, gasps, winks and eye rolls.

Got to say it again, there’s really no better person than a sister, to be in a pregnancy journey together!

My sister, my best friend. Thank you, Zonia, for being the best yiyi to Arielle for the past 22 months. Besides her parents, Zonia is probably the next person who spends the most time with Arielle. She’s always a phone call away when we need her help. Often enough, always spending time with Arielle whenever she has free time.

Who remembers the time where Alvin and I took our first vacation without Arielle and Zonia took 2 weeks leave to babysit Arielle? She literally slept in my room while my mom came over every day for Arielle. Arielle is truly a blessed child.

As we are weeks away to meeting your firstborn, Baby J, I’m excited for you and I pray that I can be just as loving and generous as you have been towards me and Arielle. Always a phone call away, meimei. I know that you will be a great mom!

Zonia and I were dressed by Style Lease. Thank you @angjinyuan for the fitting and we are so glad to fit into some of your gowns! #31weekspregnant #34weekspregnant


Photography: Antelope Studio
Makeup and Hair: Karis Chiu Makeup
Lingerie: Silver Lining Lingerie
Gowns: Style Lease
Balloons: Looney Bloons

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