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I remember how painful my first 3 nights at the hospital were, when I was trying to kick in milk supply for Aaron. I pumped every 2 hours and after he latched. My nipples were sore. When milk started to kick in slowly on Day 2, my breasts were hard like rock at certain times of the day.

I had prepared nipple cream but I relied on the hospital’s cold packs in ziplock bags for cold compress. Because ziplocks were made of plastic; they were awfully uncomfortable and itchy on my skin. If only I heard of Lansinoh Thera®Pearl 3in1 Hot or Cold Breast Therapy then! It would have been an item in my hospital bag. Thera®Pearl can be used cold to help relieve pain and swelling due to engorgement or used hot to help relieve engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis or encourage let-down! Aside that, it can also be used together with a breast pump!

Use Hot: To help relieve engorgement, plugged ducts and mastitis, and to encourage milk let-down. Place one pack inside microwave lying flat. Each pack should be heated separately and do not place soft cover into the microwave. After testing pack temperature, you may add more time in 5-second increments as needed until your desired temperature. Another option, you can also put into hot/warm water to heat up the packs.

Use Cold: To help relieve pain and swelling due to engorgement. Freeze for at least 4 hours and place them into the covers before use if necessary.

Use a maximum of 20 minutes at each time.

I like that they are reusable treatment packs which comes with a pair of pretty purple covers. The covers are really of good quality and soft on the breasts.

The purple pearl elements in Thera®Pearl ensure that the packs remain flexible at all times, even when frozen – to perfectly adjust to the breast’s shape. Therefore, it’s a one size fits all!

This video from Lansinoh demonstrates how to use Thera®Pearl.

Another must-have item we all already know we need to have is a nipple cream.

Lansinoh HPA® Lanolin Nipple Cream is the only lanolin to be awarded the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval. Pain stops almost immediately: it really SOOTHES! HPA stands for Highly Purified Anhydrous which means the lanolin is highly purified without water.

According to a survey done, 74% of Mothers used Lansinoh HPA® Lanolin Nipple Cream and said it worked in an hour / 93% said it soothed on the same day!

I use this after I feed Aaron and I do not need to remove before breastfeeding. It is 100% natural and hypoallergenic; no preservatives, chemicals, antioxidants or other addictives, therefore safe for our babies. Because the HPA® lanolin provides a moist wound healing environment, it can also be used for dry or cracked lips, sensitive skin (allergy, eczema), dry skin on elbows skin-abrasion, small cuts and burns.

Mommies can start to use during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy to prepare your nipples for breastfeeding. Read more about Lansinoh HPA® Nipple Cream here!

Lansinoh also offers a full range of products for mommies such as the Breastmilk storage bags, Soothies® Gel Pads and Lansinoh Blue Lock™ Disposable Nursing Pads.

The Soothies® Gel Pads are worth getting. They are for sore nipples from latching or pumping. They are reusable for up to 72 hours and I like to put them into the fridge first for extra cooling effect!

It is now available at selected stores in Singapore and also online! You can also purchase Lansinoh products online on Agape Babies.

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