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PEM Confinement Nanny Agency Review

That's a wide wide smile, Arielle! How time flies, we have come to an end of Mama's 28 days confinement! I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Mainly for these few reasons!

1. Alvin and I are very homely people, we have always preferred to spend quality time at home over TVB drama or Netflix.
2. We got good help from Nanny Ivy, an experienced nanny from PEM Confinement Nanny Agency.
3. We also hired a domestic helper who will be taking care of Arielle when I go back to work. She have been learning aside Alvin and I from the nanny too.
4. Strong family's support. MIL been buying all the nutritious ingredients for the nanny to cook for me. My parents & grandparents bought tons of chicken essence, red dates, longans, fish and meat. My sister comes over every weekend, primarily to check on her beloved niece and secondarily to keep me company.
5. And the most important reason has to be my husband has been a hands-on father. He has been very supportive and the one reading up for us even before Arielle came to our world.

I hope this PEM confinement review will do enough justice to Nanny Ivy who had been amazing. We really do not know what we would do without her help. She had taught us so much, imparted so much knowledge in caring for newborns to Alvin, me and our new helper.

I remember on the very first night where we came back from the hospital, Arielle refused to sleep in the room. Our plan was nanny to take care of Arielle and bottle feed ebm at nights while I latch her in the days.

Nanny Ivy walked her about the room and they both ended up in the living room where Arielle felt most at ease. Nanny Ivy actually slept on the sofa for the rest of the nights she was with us. She always say- every newborn she works with, is an affinity. That's why she puts in her 100% or more for the newborn child.

Besides taking good care of our daughter, she cooks amazingly! She racks her brain to cook something different yet nutritious for me every meal! She cooks for Alvin and Zonia too when they at home/ visit. Even Alvin, who's more particular with food, loves her food!! I doubt many men would want to have confinement food for their meals!

As I had a caesarian and couldn't take some confinement food for the first 2 weeks, she made me non-traditional confinement food which was soooo good! My favorite was her Black Pepper Spaghetti and I never liked black pepper- but I requested for her to cook it for me one last time before she leaves for her next assignment!

I had western meal of grilled fish with homemade fries too! And there, the Black Pepper Spaghetti yummss!

Here's more of the meals she had cooked for me these 28 days!

She even makes the effort to decorate some plates for me! This is just one of the pictures of my cleanly whipped out plates!

That was Alvin's favorite super peppery pig innards soup at the bottom left picture!

There was this one day where she made me red bean soup too! It's super thick and rich, she started making it the nigt before for me!

Not the biggest fan of ginger but she made me fried rice with small ginger bits that were surprisingly palatable!

Oh yes! Nanny Ivy also made me french toast for breakfast on days I didn't feel like just having milk and granola and oatmeal.

There was even a day where the family had sukiyaki for FIL's birthday and she made me my own special fish broth. Just because the pre-packed sukiyaki broth which wasn't fresh for me.

After seeing me rave about Nanny Ivy's cooking and valuable sharing on Instagram stories, a lot of you have asked me who's my nanny, how much does she charge and what's her contact number?

If you are keen to engage Nanny Ivy (#211) or a nanny, please contact PEM directly. The rates of a nanny at PEM is very reasonably priced at $2,700 to $3,000 depending on your requirements. I've friends who shared with me that they hired freelance nannies at the same price! PEM Confinement Nanny Agency is Singapore's biggest nanny agency with more than 400 nannies under their care!

At our first week with Nanny Ivy, she foresee that I will face an oversupply of breastmilk and because too much of everything is no good- she suggested me to use cabbage on my breasts, decided against making me green papaya soup (which she earlier got my MIL to prepare) and made me soups that could help me prevent engorgements. She even got us to prepare a standalone freezer and how I should pack my milk into milk bags for Arielle's future consumption. She has great foresight, cause we filled up the 4-drawer fridge with over 25 litres of milk even before 28 days. She suggested to move some milk to my mom's place where the freezer is hardly opened- as Arielle will shuffle about both homes.

Besides doing the norms of a regular nanny, she even helped me massage my breasts to relive engorgements every alternate day for the first week cause I was still very new to this boobies and milk thing! She even helped me with my waist binder when I couldn't start on my massage yet!

Here's Arielle being all comfortable with Nanny Ivy bathing her while Liza & I watch on to learn.

Giving her a massage after her shower...

Changing her diaper..

Burping her...

Calming her down..

She's so gentle with Arielle that I am very certain Arielle had developed a special bond with her. Arielle is easily coaxed to sleep by Nanny Ivy and she really listens. Nanny Ivy told me to talk more to Arielle, explain things to her and that she understands and will listen.

Surprisingly enough, it really works most of the time! The helpers at home and I have also developed a good relationship with Nanny Ivy. Like friends, she shares her life stories, experiences with us.

Nanny Ivy is very particular about bath timings, she makes sure Arielle bathes before 11am every morning so that she can have better skin and I bathe before 4pm. I would have 1 big pail of hot water with herbs prepared for me every day and 2 big pails on days I wash my hair.

The herbal bath is part of Hockhua Confinement Herbal Package of ready soups and red dates tea!

I have nutritious soups twice a day, I herb shower once a day, herb wash my hair every 3 days & I have unlimited red dates tea through the day! Everything is individually packed nicely, convenient to prepare if you do not have a confinement nanny! You can contact PEM to get this herb package unique to PEM, at a special price.

On the last week, Alvin and I decided on having Arielle sleep with us for a few nights. For the past weeks, we noticed that it was tough for us to coax her to sleep and so were determined to try it out before the nanny leaves. At least, we can sought Nanny Ivy's help and expertise while she's still around, rather than to be handicapped when she has left. It was only then where Nanny Ivy could sleep properly in a room but she didn't have a good sleep either, we heard. She was constantly awake, afraid that we would come looking for her! Thankfully, Alvin and I pressed on and tried every way we could and Arielle slept well with us. Glad that Arielle's feeds were 3-4 hourly at 11pm, 3.20am & 6.40am! We got to say that this was also only possible because that's the schedule Nanny Ivy have worked her on for the last 2 weeks +!

Thank you, Nanny Ivy and PEM Confinement Nanny Agency for making this 28 days confinement so much easier than I could imagine. Now that we are on our own now, I am glad that we are better prepared as new parents. We (including Arielle), will miss Nanny Ivy and remember her valuable teachings and tips! Hope to see you soon again, Nanny Ivy!

P/S: Hope that this PEM confinement review is beneficial to you, who may be receiving a beautiful child in your family soon!

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