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Welcome to the world, Aaron - 24th January 2020

My Birth Story - 24th Jan 2020
I had trouble sleeping since 2 nights before I delivered Aaron. The night before was worse, I felt constant tightening in my stomach and pressure down below. I never had contractions from my pregnancy with Arielle, and Aaron has always been very active. I innocently thought it was just Aaron being active and doing his usual crowding at parts of my tum thus the tightening, while the pressure I felt below was from him descending lower as we process towards the end of pregnancy.

When day broke, I decided to join Zonia for her appointment and when Dr Han saw me, she said go down for CTG. The last scan and CTG was 3 days ago. It was only when I was strapped that we knew I was contracting every 3 minutes. At the first contraction, 2 nurses came running in and asked if I felt that. I said yes a bit of tightness but not painful. Based on the contractions and my uterus afterwards, I was probably already in labor for a few days.

Because of placenta previa since week 20 and a thick keloid from my last pregnancy, we decided on caesarean. We couldn’t wait till we had our reunion dinner to come back because I was 2cm dilated and contracting more often. Called Alvin at 10.40am who was in office to come over and by 12pm, we were already in the OT.

Like the first emergency caesarean, I had a bit of panic attack when in the OT - from being all strapped up to having a screen set up in front of me (a little claustrophobic to not be able to see anything) and having my epidural administered. But the moment Alvin came in, he sat next to me, held my hands and told me I was doing well - I felt so much better. We had a little chat. I remember asking him if he could see what’s going on. He said he can’t from where he’s seated, if not he will faint! I also asked about Arielle, whom my MIL will pick up from school and I will see her after her nap.

Less than an hour later, our surprise baby piglet came crying so loudly, measuring 48cm tall and weighing 3.455kg at 37 weeks 5 days. Welcome to the world, Aaron, our 除夕宝宝!

Papa also started surfing shopping sites. He said that we haven’t prepared any CNY clothes for you and you needed to be in red clothes when people come to visit! 😆

The night before, our reunion dinner with Aaron!

First latch

Just half a day before where I was waiting to go into the OT - Took this photo to send family and friends to tell them that i've checked in! :P

Day of discharge!

First photo as a family of 4 back at home! (:

And just 5 days before...

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