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The Couture Looks 6

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Ahh! I like how my teeth are getting well aligned! (:
A few more months to go! Woohoo! Recently, went to tighten and had the "Creatures of the Sea Manatee" rubberbands to change every night! The rubberbands are soooo tiny, imagine stretching from teeth 1 to teeth 4 to close the gaps left! omgzz! The previous ones I used (from top row to bottom row) were to pull in my "overbite" and were double the size! ):

Here's a picture of how small the rubberbands are!

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Anyway, my braces are doing fine.
Its almost a year since i had them on, so i've gotten the hang of it! Girls who just had theirs up, hang on! It will soon be over, even before you even know it! (:

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Shoot shoot! (:
P/s: Honestly speaking, when I finally decided to have braces on, I was prepared to leave the shoot line cause of how braces are ugly and how people will shun my pictures! I'm actually very thankful that i still got photoshoots to do! (: (:

The Couture Looks!

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ahh! this is my fav!

I get very excited when i get a romper that is just my size! Cause i'm not tall, its tough to find rompers that fits well! (:

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Another favorite piece is this work dress! (:
My color pick is the grey!
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TCL always bring us a wide array of basic tops! Probably the best place for those who are still schooling! (:
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Tops for feel fat days? HEHE! (:
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Here are some pictures to show you what you can expect when you’re at TCL’s website.
Its just the place to shop at to look like the girl-next-door sweet young thing!
What you’re seeing here is just the tip of the iceberg so look in for more! (:

I wore my Hollyhoque blazer to work on Wednesday!
I took grey cause Sheila looked so great in it at manicure! LOL! I kinda like the navy too leh! Backorders up! (:

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Charlene chiffon ruffles dress in orange: Zepherra
Power Puff Sleeves Blazer in grey: hollyhoque

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Anonymous said...

zoe,how much did it cost you for your braces? isit painful? i'm gonna have mine on soon and i'm really afraid:(