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Last updated: 14th January 2012 generates 8000-11,000 views every day and has been the advertising platform for many blogshops.

Having featured over 150 blogshops since 2008, advertisers enjoy having features of their pretty pieces; with a personal touch to each piece. The responses never fail them and keeps them coming back for more. Besides blogshops, have had collaborations with Beauty Brands, Disneyland, Hong KongHair and Nails Parlors, Fashion Boutiques, to Telecommunications and other popular commercial brands like Dove and KaneboSee here for more.

Here are some testimonials from the Advertisers;

Almost Famous-
"Thank you for doing the advertorial so well:) All the items you put up were sold out! We really appreciate it and look forward to our next ad with you!"

"Thank you so much for the detailed post... best ad ever done by any of our advertisers. seriously. haha. anyway there was immediate response after you launched the post, even before i informed the mailing listees! :D"

"As usual the item is sold out, but this time faster, within 10 minutes. There were orders for other items too, including items in other sections, so it's great response! :)"

"Its only the first day of the advertisement and I've already received fantastic responds, its even better than expected :) thank you so much! Everyone seems to be ordering the maxi dress that you wore :)"

In full feather-
"You looked so gorgeous in it that the gray colour was sold out within hours. The other colors were selling great as well. Was great. :) Look forward to advertising with you real soon again."

"Really thanks alot for your advert!!! I received lots of orders for the blazer and the watercolor dress!!! :):):):) Would definitely ask for your help after my pending 2nd advert with you dear!!! :):)"

"Sales for that dress was good after you advert!!! thumbs up for you! heh"

Day Label-
"It is great and we have already received orders in such a short while, so thank you!("

The Summerloft-
"It was great :) i'm delighted with the increase in new mailing list subscribers :D thanks to you babe! definitely would love to advert with you more!"

Start today by dropping an email to for advertising rates. (:

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