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Accessorize up!

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I just reached home!!! 
Collected a huge bag of clothes from Sheila at Raffles City! (:

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Yippeedoo! Also collected a few for Mabs! Teehee! Can't wait to wear them out! Starting tomorrow? (:

What I wore today to work?
Very demure, manufactured dress. LOL

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How not to love the bejewels on the sleeve!
Somehow the sleeves makes me look like i have smaller arms! HEHEHE!

The dress looks so well designed, I don't even have to put on much accessories to it! (:

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I've always been a fan of accessories
That's why when my colleague decided to start up an accessories biz, i was all up for it! Cause I want to get affordable pretty ones!

The accessories are mostly less than $10, in fact some are at $5 when I entered the site! Omggzzz!

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flower on a bling heart earring

I got a few more from him! Like rose earrings which i'm going to wear probably tomorrow! So dainty and bling! (:

Bejeweled Drapey Dress in light ash rum: kristineyunny
accessories: ru guo

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Anonymous said...

hey babe, you get HH clothes for free? *envy* hahah :)

Anonymous said...

Hi zoe, hav u tried the 2nd sand dress frm the left? how is it? do bog here abt how u feel=D

Anonymous said...

hey! for the 1st pic, did u curl ur end urself? or is it a perm curl?

Anonymous said...

Bejeweled Drapey Dress in light ash rum look too mature on you.