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Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene

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This is one of my regular days where I have been out for almost the 8 hours, on my feet, heavy bag filled with laptop, bottle, a set of extra clothes for a workout.

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My day usually ends at Pure Fitness. Here's me doing some work on my laptop, replying emails.
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After such a long day out, it is very important to keep the V fresh and clean. Soap and water is really not enough to wash your V, it is not well formulated enough to be gentle on our sensitive area. Like how you would not use shampoo to wash your face! So, you get my drift.

I leave a bottle of Lactacyd in the school locker and use it every time I shower in the school. After all, Lactacyd has been clinically proven to provide delicate care as well as protection from odour and irritation with everyday cleansing! If you remember, my last post on Lactacyd was around this time last year, I also took you through one of my fulfilling days!

For over 30 years, Lactacyd has been recommended by doctors and women everywhere. Lactacyd is also the No.1 Feminine Hygiene brand Worldwide and in Singapore!
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At every stage, your activities change and you need something different. It is the same for your feminine wash. That is why Lactacyd Feminine Wash comes in 6 variants because Lactacyd is the intimate care partner at every stage of a woman's life! Clinically proven to provide delicate care, Lactacyd works well as a protection from odour and irritation with everyday cleansing too!
I would now share with you the 6 variants and also my favorite bottle now!

1. Feminine Hygience
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The most intimate area of a woman deserves the most delicate treatment. That’s why Lactacyd use natural and mild milk-based ingredients such as lactoserum and lactic acid, which exist naturally in the female intimate area!
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Mild milk-based Lactacyd Feminine Hygience smells so good! 
I am currently using Feminine Hygience because I have a very active lifestyle and so I am always out for many hours each day under the sun and even when I am indoors, I am at the gym or yoga studio for 27-40 degrees high hot yoga practices!
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There are times where the V gets too humid from long days and start to have some irritation. I am sure this is common to you too, itching feeling is one of the more painful feelings ever because you know you can't scratch but so want to! And if you scratch, it worsen, red and the skin tears a little and that's where pain comes.
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Off for my shower!
Feminine Hygience allows me to smell clean, fresh and keep odor at bay with delicate care and protection. Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene is also the best choice and safe to use during menstruation or pregnancy!

2. White Intimate
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Special formulation of natural milk essences to maintain pH balance of the V. This variant can also help whiten your V within 4 weeks, based on product use test on 200 Asian women, Synovate-Ipsos, Sept-Oct 2011!

3. Revitalize
Youth Reviving
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This is first-ever feminine wash with Vitamin E and collagen, which are known ingredients to enhance skin softness and firmness!

4. Soft & Silky
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Lactacyd Soft and Silky is enriched with 10% extra milk-based moisturizing ingredients for extra moisturization to nourish the intimate area after a grooming session!

5. All Day Fresh
Long-lasting Freshness
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The perfect choice for women who are always on-the-go and ready to enjoy life to the fullest without being hindered by feminine discomfort and odour. This variant is one of my favorite variant and I used mostly All Day Fresh last year!

6. Cool & Fresh
Benefit: Cooling
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Lactacyd Cool and Fresh puts an end to the discomfort with the cooling freshness of natural non-drying menthol essences!
Which variant do you think you are? If you are unsure, you can take the Lactacyd Lady Personality test and also receive a sample here!

Lactacyd also comes in Lactacyd All-Day Care Wipes if you are active and always on the go like the gym or beach! These wipe packet that comes in 10 sheets will come in very handy!
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Every Lactacyd is carefully formulated to help maintain the pH balance of the intimate area to keep it healthy.
Lactacyd website not only share what products they have but also FAQ about your V and this new V Royalty rewards program to show just how much they love is for all our support!
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Now we can turn our Lactacyd purchases into V-Points to redeem awesome Lactacyd goodies!

First, sign up for an account which takes no more than 2 minutes and guess what! You get to receive some freebies too!
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The first page I went into was the PROMO page where I can be updated of any Lactacyd promotions! This page also tells me how many points I can earn when I make these purchases!

So after my purchase, all I need to do is go to CLAIM V-POINTS tab and enter the given code printed on the promo pack! Once the points are in, I will click onto REDEEM V-REWARDS to keep track of my points as well as redeem some Lactacyd for free!

Not too bad, 40 points and I can redeem 2 bottles worth $19.90!
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So now, I don't have to worry about discomfort when I workout! I feel free and so should you! (:
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