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Genoa 2016 (Day 4)

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We checked out and drove for 1.5 hours towards Pisa! We were visitng Leaning Tower of Pisa!! Very excited because it was my first time there! I've seen so many wonderful pictures there and on the car ride there, I was thinking of yoga poses that I can do there! Teehee!

Besides my wheel pose, we did a corny couple shot too haha! It was pretty funny to see people doing poses there with the leaning tower but that didn't stop any of us from still attempting our own!
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We got tickets to go up the Leaning Tower of Pisa! A ticket cost €18 and you will spend about 30 minutes at this activity. The 294-step staircase can be disconcerting; with steps slanting different ways, but you’ll be rewarded with fantastic panoramic views over Pisa from the top! 
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Last stop before our 294 steps back down!
We then drove 2 hours (119km) through Cinque Terre and arrive at Vernazza! The car ride was terrifying, that's no wonder tours groups don't go there. The roads are on high mountain tops, narrow, steep that is challenging for even cars, let alone coaches!
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Most excited for Cinque Terre this trip! I've seen so many pictures of this beautiful place & so stoked to be here today!
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My postcard picture from Cinque Terre
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Explored Vernazza and we settled our lunch at a restaurant facing the beach. We spent about 2 hours there before driving about 2 houts (109km) to Genoa.
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Took this picture of the flat flowers on the long walk to our car!
Checked in at Hotel NH Collection Genova Marina! One of the nicer hotel compounds of this trip!
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Everyone went to the Aquarium of Genoa just next to our hotel while we rested a bit and hit the streets to get more water and some snacks! If you love aquariums, you have to pay the aquarium a visit!The Aquarium of Genoa (in Italian: Acquario di Genova) is the largest aquarium in Italy and among the largest in Europe. Located in the old harbor area of Genoa, Italy, the 33,000-square-foot (3,100 m2) aquarium is a member organization of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), and welcomes more than 1.2 million visitors each year!

We met up with the rest about 1.5 hours later for dinner. There was a food fair going on just outside the hotel/ aquarium, so the guys ate lightly so they can get some street food. We had dinner at Soho Restaurant and Bar. 
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Look at the number of awards they got!!
 photo Photo 4-9-16 8 43 10 PM.jpg
Filled with fresh catch!
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Love's very fresh Halibut he enjoyed his fish so much, he was beaming and wanted more!
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I had salmon salad
Walked back to the food street and these were what the guys ordered! Meat overloaded! But it was a good evening over beer, around locals!
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