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Maybank Celebrating Family Bonds.

If you have been following me long enough, you would know that i'm a very family girl. I spend not a little but most of my time with my family. For my past 24 years, I am proud to say that we spend every festive countdown together. We have meals at least 5 times a week, we still shop and travel together! (: Some of you may start to frown and find me uncool or even weird. But, I've been brought up this way and proud to be the granddaughter, daughter and sister; just the way I am. Incidents have brought us closer together.

My Father has had a major brain surgery 5 years ago, a surgery that could have brought him away from us forever.

My Grandmother diagnosed with liver cancer 4 years back, I saw how much pain she was in. The picture of Ah Ma vigorously pressing on the clicker so that morphine could enter her blood stream immediately to minimize the pain she was in, that's a picture that would stay in my mind forever.

My Grandfather having Extensive Aorta Tear just July last year that even a surgery would only have a 5% success rate. How our family wanted to let him go with as minimal pain as possible but ended up going ahead with the gamble. Just because of something Ah Gong said. He said "如果动手术会有5%机会,没有做就一定会死" (If I do the operation, I will have 5% chance, if I don't, I will die for sure).  


Never thought that we could spend Ah Gong's 75th birthday in August 2013 (the whole aorta tear happened just weeks before his 75th birthday). But we did! Even though we had to celebrate it in the hospital because he was still recuperating after the major surgery. 

Ah Ma's 74th Birthday Celebration a month after Ah Gong discharge! 

Uncle Sdiann and Betsy's Solemnization!

Ah Gong Ah Ma's 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Grandparents' 51st Wedding Anniversary!

We also celebrated Ah Gong and Ah Ma's 52th Wedding Anniversary on 31st December 2013! And in just 2 weeks time, we would be celebrating yet another Chinese New Year with every single member of the family, no one less. 

Chinese New Year 2013

Chinese New Year 2012

This Chinese New Year, Maybank is celebrating with us!!


Celebrate the bonds of family this Chinese New Year with a greeting from the bottom of your heart. Start creating your very own e-card with Maybank and stand to win a custom-made family calligraphy scroll!! I would put it at my Grandparents house if I could win it!! :D

Let's start!! Like Maybank’s Facebook Page and connect your facebook page to the Celebrating Family Bonds Facebook app!


Once you have done that, you are ready to create your Chinese New Year e-card!

Upload your winning photos!!


Write a creative and interesting photo caption per photo, complete the registration form in order to qualify for the contest and you are done once you click send out e-card! 


Do remember to keep in mind this year's theme; Celebrating Family Bonds when you do your submission! 


Tip: Judges would be looking out for Creativity and Originality in Photo Captioning! 

The contest ends on 11 Feb and the winner will receive the prize right after CNY! (: 


Family is the most important people to me and people I hold dearly to. I've learnt that every year is a bonus to not just those who are/were sick but also to every one of us.

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