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Blogging from sgh. My daddy has been hospitalised. Saturday morning, 4.30am. Mom shook zonia and i to get up. My daddy was slumped onto the pillow, in another world. He wouldnt respond to us and right side of his body wouldnt move. His hand and leg remained still. We called the ambulance and rushed him over and the 1 over hr brain scan result showed daddy's brain vessel had bursted. Daddy is born with this time bomb that decided to activate that morning.

We decided that the best choice was immediate surgery to stop the bleeding. Surgery now, when daddy us still conscious beats operating when daddy falls into a coma in a few days. Surgery was a 6.5 hours process of 90-95% success rate. Daddy made through the first obstacle. When daddy was wheeled out, he had wires on him, blood on his head and neck, and, there were tears in his eyes.

Daddy is recup rather well now. Able to talk and move all limbs. He is still confused on some qns and impatient cause we keep trying to get him to repeat to understand.

I wish i had spent a little more time with daddy.

sorry to those who turned up fr the garage sale! I sent my phone for repair cause i cant on it, i lost most if the newer contacts so i cant text to apologise that the garage is cancelled. I still owe a few adverts which i will try my best to deliver soon and i have new Ettusais products to share! (:

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