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Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Hohoho Hendra was taking some pictures for me and he complained that this shot cannot make it cause my fingers look too long. 

So we took a few more. Hahaha!



Love the comfy outfits on weekends! (:

with huiling as we waited for paul and doris!


photo 1
Doris got a new bag from Chanel that Huiling and I gasp. 
lolol it's like $7K. omg

photo 2
pretty jumbo in our favorite color.

B picked me up from the studio and we went for lunch.

thai pineapple fried rice

fried tang hoon

It wasn't supposed to be these for lunch! )):
Cause the bian mian stall at City Plaza was closed! Soooo saddddd! 
There were so many who walked by and left cause the stall was closed. Going back soon!!!!


Drove to MBS after lunch cause we wanted to visit a museum! 


Art Sciene Museum

Titanic- The Artifact Exhibition is now on! 
The exhibition is ongoing till 29 April 2012. (:

Got our tickets and ready to go! 
The tickets cost $20 each and if you are an OCBC cardholder, you get 20% off (:


Photography is not allowed ):
But i sneaked a few with my iPhone cause i very much want to share it with you all! 

The first image that greeted us

It's so gloomy, it's pretty heart-wrenching already.

photo 3

photo 4
So surreal. We looked as if we were on a cruise! 
And this, is the room of a first class passenger.

photo 5

photo 1 (1)
ice berg!

My camera couldn't capture the beauty of this! 
So let me try explain (:

When you look down, you could see water and a light breeze on your face. Feels just like you are on the cruise. 

photo 1 (2)
Here's how a first class cabin looks.

photo 2 (2)
B and I got a shock when we saw how much a ticket on Titanic cost! 
It cost $2500 (approximately $57,200 today!) 

photo 3 (2)
And here's how a Third Class cabin looks like.
At this part of the exhibition, we could hear what the 3rd class passengers hear. Such as the engines.

photo 4 (1)
As we walked down the exhibition, we could see some of these pin ups. Timings towards the sinking of Titanic. 

photo 5 (1)
And it's at the exhibition that I know that Titanic was supposed to reach New York in 2 days before it sink.

And Titanic had 20 lifeboats instead of 32 lifeboats which could accommodate 1900 passengers. And because there were people who was reluctant to get on board the lifeboats, some of the boats left with fewer passengers than they could have. 
photo 2 (1)
The first lifeboat left with mainly men cause they were the first to make it there. After which, the boats take only women and children. Some of the women refused to get onto the boats cause they didn't want to part with their husbands. 

At the end of the exhibition, was a huge poster of the names of those who lived and died. 

photo 3 (1)

We were given this White Star Line Boarding Pass at entrance where it had the name of 1 passenger and his/her particulars. It is where everyone looked for the name to see if the passenger managed to survive and sank with Titanic.

White Star Line Boarding Pass



I highly recommend this exhibition to those who have not visited! 
It's on going till 29 April to mark Titanic 100th Anniversary: 1912-2012. 

It's held at the Art Science Museum at MBS and tickets for Singaporeans are $20 each. Opens 10am-10pm.

Walked River Hongbao a little.

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Weee! Love the OOTD! Who doesn't love polka dots? It's been around for so long now, and it seems like it never goes out of fashion. The cardigan to have for everyone- students or working adults like me for weekends! 

The bottom is a really comfortable piece and I like how i can move around easily while looking feminine with my skort. Skort= Skirt and Shorts all in 1! (:

Got some food and drinks at the food market!

Random pictures of the carpark at Chinatown! 
Looks really cool eh!  ((:


The boy wanted to visit this Tin Tin shop at Pagoda Street. It's just shops away from the Chinatown Studio i always go to so i knew how to take him there! Teeheee! ((:

photo 4

photo 5
I took pictures as he walked around the shop. Tin Tin is not my era. lol

Had an early dinner at Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun located at Smith Street, just a few streets away from Pagoda Street.

The reviews online recommended this place! 



newpaper cuttings plastered on the walls

Dinner came! :D

XO fish soup for 2.

The fish was really fresh and we had a bowl of rice to share (:

our favorite bittergourd with egg!



Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun 
15 Smith Street, Chinatown


Elly Sage brings a cutesy launch this time round.

Cutesy cause there's polka dots and flora printed tops and dresses for us. Exceptionally like the pink polka top which I would definitely want to wear on weekends. There's also the flora dress which I have too, it's still a very popular design and the fit is really fab. Last but not least, the petite swing dress in blue! (: 

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Bella said...

The word 'costed' does not exist, sorry. Past tense of COST is COST also.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the post on the exhibition. Been wanting to know what it is about and your post came in handy!

Mildred said...

Hey! I sent you an emaol regarding wavehouse! You mind if you reply it?

thank you!

Anonymous said...

actually you can't take photos in the titanic exhibition. It's not allowed

Anonymous said...

your breasts look unnatural. very saggy leh.

zandy said...

zoe! asking something personal what bra brand are u wearing and which model! it looks like it gave good support

Metta World Peace said...

At times I wonder why people here always like to pick on grammar errors and stuff. Or even worst, on one's physical attributes or features. My message to these people is this-no one is perfect and if you are here to nitpick on every thing I would suggest you don't come here at all! It's quite demeaning and disturbing for the readers and the blog owner I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, may I know roughly how many hours you took to cover the exhibition? Is 2-3 hours sufficient? Am planning to go this weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe! My neighbor actually owns the city plaza banmian hahaha! Anyway is hendra from SIM and drives a posh car? Sounds like a friend's friend to me!