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Weee! I wore this dress on Chu 4! Cause it was the first day back to work, i decided to put on this new dress which is in such pretty shade! 


Brought Jane to lunch at Ma Maison, Bugis. 
I tweet to Esther that i was there and she said must be cause i miss her. shameless but i love her la! Going to meet her soon and we are having more outdoor shoots! Weee! :D 

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We went at lunch time and had to wait about 10 minutes for a table.
Mad packed! 
Ztyle of The Day
Kimono Love: Amelie-Anne
Bangle: Forever 21
Watch: BCBG
Bag: Burberry

There's nothing not to love about this number. I decided to put on this cheery dress cause it was Chu 3- first day back to work. The material of this dress is so thick, definitely comparable to a boutique's and I adore the color combination of Persian Green/Raspberry Pink very very much! (:



hey Jane!




Jane got a set meal so there's soup!


Jane's Salad from her set meal. Good deal!

Jane's main course- Steak.

i'm so boring cause i ordered the exact same.

huge right!

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Went to Mandarin Gallery to pick up my Mont Blanc cardholder! 
It's really good!!! 

Really surprised that they made it so clean now! 
And it costed me only $20. Had wanted to put my Burberry bag to wash but the lady said cause it's PVC material so it cant be helped )))):

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ColorWash @ Mandarin Gallery 
 333 Orchard Road Mandarin Gallery 
Singapore 238867


Sunday shoot and tried on my new contact lens! ((:
Tons of these in Taiwan! 

look like diamonds right! (:




Ztyle of The Day
Vanilla Knit Pullover: Construck 
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond + Like fb page for 10% off.
Shorts: Forever 21
Bracelet: Tiffany and Co

Love knit tops for weekends and feel fat days! There's cute little pockets too! :D I think this is the piece which students would collect in their wardrobe cause of cold lecture halls.

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At the studio while waiting for the clothes to be steamed heeee! (:


Flipping through March issue of VIVI ((:
You can get these from Kinokuniya, i think it's about $18 each? :D 

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So sweet cardigans! Sheila!! Make leh!!! :D

photo 3 (10)

Weeee I love VIVI. All so pretty! :D lolol. I love to look at pretty girls hohoho.


Zonia went with me to shoots today weeee!!! ((: 
We ended up at old Airport Road to pack dinner home. We bought tao huey from 51 instead cause lao ban was initially with a long queue and then zero queue cause sold out! Was feeling pretty hungry so we got black fried carrot cake, satay, otah, pineapple fried rice and seafood fried rice. Feeling so satisfied! :D

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Anonymous said...

hi babe, where did you get the diamond like contact lens from?

Anonymous said...

Hi, is the furry handbag from Samantha Thevasa?

Anonymous said...

Do you draw your eyebrows? Is yes what brand of eye brow pencil do u use? Many thanks! looking good! :D

Anonymous said...

how much is the bcbg watch?

Anonymous said...

hi, may i know what fake eyelash are you using?

Li Min said...


May i know the mont blanc card holder you are using, is purchase from SIN ?

Anonymous said...

Hi zoe! Ur lenx purchase from taiwan where? =]