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Jiejie Meimei.

Some pictures taken just yesterday at Hendra's studio! 
Zonia went to me to shoots remember? :D :D 

jiejei meimei! 


Ztyle of The Day
Long Sleeve Fit and Flare Layered Tunic in Red: Flaunt
Bracelet: Tiffany and Co.

This is one of my favorite little red dress! ((: This is my second little red dress now and I love how black and red compliment one another. The dress has a cute tutu skirt and how not to love the black trimmings! (:


photo 5 (2)
:D :D So cute!



Eternity Loft launches their Valentine's Day collection! For those who have yet to do some shopping for this special day, start today! 

just like jiejei meimei! 

There's 2 manufactured pieces up today. One of which is this crochet dress which I like in pink and blue! ((: Jing joined me in this shoot and it was so much fun doing similar poses. I like we look very lovey dovey hehehe! Another manufactured piece is this bustier tube dress which we paired with the scallop skirt from the last launch!


the ways you can wear it! ((:


I bagged the black piece back cause I think i looks really classy and I want to pair it with my red scallop skirt sometime. Shop Eternity Loft's Valentine's Day Collection! (:

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Anonymous said...

hey! for the flaunt red dress, is the red more of a bright red or deep red? cause im afraid if i get the red one, will look like angbao! but the black one looks soso only. hahaha thanks!