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For the O-levels Graduates.

Shoot after work! ((:
Brought my straighter to create some curls. There, i use a very basic straighter to create the curls. 

curls done! ((:

Talking about radiant skin! Heard of this latest product from Loreal which will help us attain that! :D 


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Had some food at People's Park OG before my teeth whitening! 
I've postponed my appointment thrice now, i feel so paiseh!



kong ba bao for me! ((:

Ztyle of The Day
Cream Tulips Print Frock with Bow Belt: Luvest
Watch: BCBG
Wedges: Past Advertiser

So i headed to Tooth Angels located at Clarke Quay for my teeth whitening appointment. 
It's the same place where Zonia, my 3 cousins and myself go for our braces


Here's just 1 picture which i posted on twitter cause there's a few excited ones teehee!
Will do up a full post on the procedure sometime next week. 


Shoot aHfter work on Friday night! (:
The shoot timing was messed up so we had an hour before shoot so cam whored a little teehee!



Pictures of the dress i wore to work that day!
Colleagues liked it cause of the bright color (: me too!


Ztyle of The Day
A Line Pleated Dress: Flaunt Label
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for $2 off and free normal postage.
Belt: Fabfad
Watch: Omega




And here's another Ztyle of The Day to end the post! ((:




Ztyle of The Day
Wilda Blouse in Green: The Friday Best
Black Skirt: Eternity Loft

A new shirt to add to my corporate collection! I love white shirts, i really do. But at times, i want to be clad in the brightest color i can find to brighten up my day at work. Meeting clients in such colors which lighten up the atmosphere and make everyone happy too! (: 



And woohoo random pictures of new snacks from Japan! 


photo 5 (5)

Now to Education! lol

O-levels results are just out and i received quite a number of comments asking me on SIM. 

I took a Management Studies Diploma with SIM right after my Os and you just need to have 5 O-levels credits, min. C6 in English to qualify. I can't remember how much it cost, probably about SGD$8000. After you completed the 1.5 years of Diploma, you could take up the Degree with SIM as well, it's also 1.5 years and cost about SGD$20,000 if i didn't remember wrongly. (Do check on exact prices with SIM). I took up Bachelor of Marketing with RMIT cause i preferred doing projects and it forces me to study when i do my projects. The other university offered by SIM is UOL which does not have projects and only has only exams once a year which i felt was pretty stressful if you are not a hard-working student. (:

I realised that there are quite a number of polytechnic students who can't make it to local U and end up going to SIM for their degrees so if the school fees are alright for you, i don't think it's a bad idea to take up a diploma course at SIM (:

I hope these helps a little! ((:

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Anonymous said...

U have veryyyyyyyyyy deep laugh line, omfg

so much to say said...

thanks so much!
you are so pretty!
love reading your blog everyday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe , may I know what powder you are using , loves your complexion :)

Anonymous said...

May I know how much did u pay for the whitening?the results are gd!

Anonymous said...

Hey! May i know what foundation or bb cream u r using?

Anonymous said...

Hi can I ask how is the timetable like for a SIM marketing degree student? Do you guys always have to write structed essays? and at the last semester what kind of attachment did they offer you? Thank you and sorry if I asked to much :x

Anonymous said...

I think you meant straightener

Anonymous said...

Hey Zoe , do you mind sharing with us how much is your monthly income?

Ting said...

Hi Zoe, May i know how much is your teeth whitening?