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Sixntwelve 10

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got this new heels from a second hand shop lololol

It's probably 2 sizes bigger than what i wear, but i thought it looks good enough for shoots! (:

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ahh check out the heels!

Been snacking on these lately! 
Zonia got them and i've been stealing them for myself as i blog. lolol! 

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I'm always excited for manufactured items! I'm always mad excited when blogshops start to send in their own labels, moving the whole co. into a whole new level! Sixntwelve is one of them. If you have been watching closely now, every collection has 1 special piece that stands out from the rest. Never seen anywhere else, it's non other than their manufactured piece! (:

A top in 4 striking colors, i like the dusty pink and white best! You have no idea how awesome the white one looks with my black office skirt, i tell you! Also in this launch is the floral dress! Yes! That FLORAL dress, It's the 3rd time now and probably final one they are bringing in.. There! We have another piece that will make you log into this website now.


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ING said...

My Favourite seaweed! Spicy enough and very crunchy! :) there is squid one, also very nice :D ! Must drink alot of water! I ate too much de other time, got a sore throat and down with fever :(

Anonymous said...

whr did zonia get the triple M seaweed from? i've ate them before and they're rly nice! just a tad spicy ahaha. do reply as i wanna buy them! thank you!

cheryl said...

The seaweed is really nice! My fav too. Alway eat it when using comp.