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Girly Appointments :D

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Luxe Ciel has been such a frequent face now, their frequent launches are sure to keep us coming back for more! In this launch, we have bodycon pieces; bejeweled, twist knots and layered and intricate lace. Have always been a sucker for blings, so the baby blue toga dress, i knew, was just the piece I wanted! What's best about it is that it could be worn 2 ways! Effortless chic and classy!

Here are my 8 favorite designs. There are more than 1 color for each design offered, so yes!! It's another massive launch, have fun!

Met up with Pris after work for our Girly appointment! (:
Headed for Novena! After our appointment, we went to get food at United Square's Toast Box!

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My new pair of velvet black work heels! (:
Now my shoot heels also cause it's the heel is awesomeeeely high! LOL!
More peektures later this post!

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pris with her nasi lemak and otah!

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toast with extra butter as always and milo!

We then cabbed towards the East! (: 
Cam whore on our cab ride! 

The taxi uncle is so blur, he didnt on his meter till like 10 minutes later! omggzzz! I hope he doesn't do it too often ):

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I told Pris, Let's do stupid faces!
I did a slim face and she did a fat face lololol!

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okay now fatter

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let's be pretty now lolol!

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I have always been looking for casuals recently and i'm glad March Shop is able to help me with this need! Tunic dresses, chiffon tops, are what's available this time round! Most of the tops will look great with my office work skirt, just like the brown sleeved and navy sleeveless with striking gold chains details at sleeves! There's also this 1 work piece I definitely recommend, the nude-colored with some simple black lines, complete with my new, simple black heels!

The colors are on the safe classic side this launch, tons of navy and my all-time-favorite cream at pocket friendly prices! :D

Also, I have updated Posts worth reading with my 21st Birthday celebration! (:
I have also placed all birthday celebrations under the Birthday Label! Check the posts out! Fun fun! :D

luxe ciel
march shop 
fabric black heels:  room for new shoes

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Anonymous said...

hi where did you get the top you wore in your pictures from?

Anonymous said...

hello where is the blue top from? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi zoe, may i know where did you get the blue embroidery dress from?