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Snoopy Snoopy!!!

And okay, cause of a bad hair day, i used a hairband to push ALL my fringe up!!!
Its my new pearl band from F21 USD!!! (:

And i was throwing the garbage!!!

My Snoopy tee from F21 too!!! Really comfy!

Whilst taking the lift down, we took a couple of family picture!!! AWWWWW!!!!!! My mom hates taking photos, so its really REALLY rare that we get a family picture together! HEHE! (:

My fav 2 pictures of the 6 pictures taken!!!

Almost perfect picture when Zonia's head came blocking Mommy's!!!

And tadahhh! The last and the best! (:


Lunch with family at Redhill. Huge spread for 4 for only $15?

And we had "You Ji" for dinner at chinatown again! HAHA! So yummy!

Fat juicy chicken, anyone?!! (:

Zonia and i shared a plate of springy noodles!!! (:

I hardly have any makeup on, when im just out with my family! Just eyeliner and touch of blush infact!

Tomorrow, i will be sharing pictures of my new hairstyle! (:

Something even better to share tomorrow! How does a FREE TOSHIBA LAPTOP SOUND TO YOU?

Till tomorrow! Good Night!


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Anonymous said...

hi babe, which F21 outlet did u get ur hairband from? i have been looking for smth like this. :) Love your posts..keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

happy that you always blogging alr! HAHHA, btw just wondering how much u are pay for shoot? Are there any requirements?

Anonymous said...

Can i know whr to get a website tat can do effect on photos?

Isabella said...

Hi Zoe i wanna ask since u are a graduate in SIM with a degree in Marketing. What would be the ideal job you have in mind? Mind sharing? I'm currently doing marketing too.
Also, i understand that u used to sell RL bags few months ago. May i ask if u are still selling them? Thanks

Red Monster said...

Went to the famous You Ji shop last Saturday at around 6pm but they were sold out. So disappointed! The Red Monster wonders when he will get to eat the You Ji.

Unknown said...

even w/o makeup, u look pretty \o/


Hey love, i got the pearls from F21 online! (: Im not sure if the stores carry them!


Hello! I blog to earn moolahs now! HAHA!!! I earn quite a decent amount for photoshoots, not really convenient to share it over the internet, im sorry! (:


Hey there! My camera does the effects instantly, so aint using any program now! You can try googling Photoscape/Photoshop tho! (:


Hello Isabella! I haven decided on a job to undertake as yet! Keeping my options open to the industry i would be entering as well as role to tryout and accept! Will keep this space posted when i have decided!

Meanwhile, im still taking care of my Daddy at home!


And yes! im still selling some RLs (: (: Pics are there!


Oh man! Poor Red Monster! You should have gone there early! They are sold out quite fast! I can picture the disappointed look when you see the store closed! ):


Awwwww! Thanks Oliver! Always with kind words (:

zonia said...

omg red monster! i know who you are!

Red Monster said...

Ahhh and I know who you are too Zonialicious! (: