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Shiseido Sale!!!

Drove the car for a CARWASHHHH with Daddy!

After the car wash, dropped at at Grandma's and met Sheila dear for Shiseido sale at Orchard Building! Gotta thank Sher for telling us!!! (:
Went there to collect my ettusais stuffies too!!!!

After the sale, we walked to Taka basement for some food! She had craving for PRAWN MEE cause Nicole had yummy bowl the other day! And she was stealing for Nicole's bowl! She dint get enough, so she ordered 1 bowl. Its PRAWN MEE w/o PRAWN (with ribs instead)! -.-

Sheila and Jy are really hardworking people! Cross my heart!
After dinner at Taka, they left for home to INVOICE! Super on right!!!!

So customers of HH who visit here, and sometimes leave me comments to get Sheila to invoice faster, its not that they are lazy! But its cause they have many pages to complete! So give them abit more time ya! (: (:

After parting with the couple, i headed for my shoot in the East. Cabbed there cause i have no idea how to get to the studio at Paya Laber! Uluuuu!

Makeup was done, and the MUA prep my hair for the shoot.

I like the colors she used for my eyes! Its really natural colors. (The brand im doing for is very conservative!)

Small world that i met her again! She's the MUA who did my makeup for the shoot i did with Hotstuff! And having met so many girls and guys, she could recognize me! Top notch memory!!!

Last few pictures before show time! (:


The outfit is really speechless. But its good money cause its for their mailer.
Second time doing the shoot for them cause the past 4 times they called me up but i couldnt make it cause of exams and projects.

And the brand is Giant! HAHA! Had loads of blogshop shoot practice so it was a wrap in 20 minutes! (:

While waiting for transport home, i took loads of pictures. And my camera flash triggered the flash from the studio outside! So embarrassing cause there was another session outside! HEHE!

Outfits with Mickey are for the 2 lil kids after me!

Had beverage while waiting for my ride!

Ride came! And the last few pictures before i shut down for the day! Super tired!

The Singapore Flyer on the expressway back home (:

. . .

Thank you fashionlunchbox for the dress!

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Anonymous said...

the green top really v nice on you..

Anonymous said...

zoe, your arms in the pictures above the beverage (after your photoshoot)look photoshopped. :( the outline of your arms is fuzzy but everywhere else seem fine. but pretty photos! (:


Oh man! The green top looks hideous!! HAHA! I doubt i will ever be spotted with that! (:


Hello! Thanks (: I have no idea how to use photoshop to make myself slimmer! If i do, it will be awesomeeee so i wont have to remove pictures i wanted to post but dont look good!!! HEHE! But anyway, i dont encourage photoshop to make myself appear slimmer cause i don't look like that in real, no point!!!!! (:

I probably shook when i took that picture you were talking about, cause i see that even the face is "fuzzy"? (:

Anonymous said...

You're pretty!! <:

Anonymous said...

may i noe wher the green top is from? online website? thanks

Anonymous said...

hi may i ask what brand of contacts are you wearing and what mode do you use to take ur pictures. Ur pics all look so natural and fair!

Anonymous said...

you have really nice hair! may i know what brand of shampoo do you use and do u wash ur hair everyday? (:

daphne said...


Looking at the photos taken at shoots, they seem to be fun. I hope you don't mind me asking, how were you contacted for all these shoots?


Thank youuu!!! (:


Hey! The green top is gonna be sold at Giant Hypermart! HAHAHA! Its for a giant mailer shoot (:


Hey there! Im using dueba lens for this post, and im using beauty mode for my pictures! (:

It makes the pictures appear smooth (: I'm fair and look even more fair in the pictures cause of flash as well!


Shampoo: I'm using Tsubaki by Shiseido! And i wash my hair everyday and do treatments every 2 days! HEHE! I also go to Von for intensive hair treatment monthly! (:


Hello Daphne, thank you for leaving your name so i can address when i make replies! (:

I was one of the winners for Giant's competition! So they call the winners back for shoots for mailers (: Here's one of the post: (:

You can see more under the competition/pageants label!

I will definitely remember you if they were to need more talents! But to stand a higher chance for their mailers, join the Giant Star next year ya! (: Top prize is $10,000 cash!

shermaine said...

hey zoe, sorry for asking sth so personal(but i guess it's okay, we're both girls?=p), do u shave or wax ur underarms?

Hayley said...

emailed you for the tic~ :) what camera are you using? the samsumg dual one? nice photos!

Anonymous said...

Hello. May i know what jair colour did you dye to? is yours tha same colour as sheila? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi.. your lips look good.. do you do any lip treatment or what brand of lip gross you r using?


hey Shermaine, i tweeze (: shaving is bad!


Its the same as Sheila's, but we dont really know the exact color cause Von mixed it for us. You probably will have to go to him to get that exact same color! HEHE! (:


Hey, you're talking about pictures of me with sheila on this particular post or the pictures of the print shoot? (:

If its the print ad pictures, the makeup artist used a nude lipgloss from ELF on my lips, whereas the other pictures are my natural lip color (:

Anonymous said...

which level is the nail status located at?


Hello! #04-83 (:

Anonymous said...

your lips look good in every photos!! i still tot u have do treatment for tht =)

Emmiline said...

Shampoo: ooo where do you buy Tsubaki from? (: and by treatments, do you mean DIY treatments? (:


Hello! Mom just complains im not taking enough water! HAHA! (:


You can get Tsubaki from US online! (:

And, I use redken hair treatments at home!

Anonymous said...

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