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We are having a Girls' Day Out at our main office at Orchard Building, #12-01 (Opposite Cine)! Its the same place where you girls had those fun makeup workshops!

Event is on the 19th December, a Saturday from 1-6pm! You will be expecting;
  • Complimentary Express Manicures
  • Shoes and Accessories booths (You can learn to make your own!!! Very niceeee)
  • Clothes booths!!!
  • VERY COOL polka dot luggage and diary will be available in limited quantities at ettusais girls’ day out too!!!

Next to the pretty christmas tree!!! My bestie, En got hers

You can join in the fun when you purchase a $10 voucher which is fully redeemable for ettusais products! And now, here's another GIFT AWAY!!!!

For being a reader of this space, i have 2 pairs of tickets to give away!!! 2 pairs of girlfriends can go to the Ettusais Girls' Day out for FREE! All you have to do is leave me a comment on this page with your email addy on which is your favorite Ettusais product and why!!!

Best 2 comments win you and your girlfriend the free tickets to complimentary manicures and learn how to make your own jewelry!

For those who might not win the tickets, can still drop by our Ettusais counters to get the Ettusais Girls' Day Out tickets with the purchase of an ettusais $10 voucher, fully redeemable! (:

Remember to jot these down onto your organizer! (I already have!!! More about it in my next post)
0.100 PM - 06.00 PM

Here are the numbers of all the counters island wide (:
ettusais BHG
. BHG Bugis 6334 7188 . BHG Bishan 6258 8698

ettusais Isetan
. Isetan Orchard 6735 1809 . Isetan Scotts 6836 1281 . Isetan Tampines 6789 1139

ettusais Metro
. Metro Woodlands (Causeway Point) 6891 1127 . Metro Paragon 6735 2236

I like pictures with Flash! (:

Photobucket Ettusais

The official website.

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pinogal said...

My fav item is the Medicated Acne T-Zone Oil Block Gel because it really keeps my face matte and serves as a make up base as well. I've been replenishing it loads already. Will want to share ettusais goodness with my friends as well!

Red Monster said...

The Acne Clear Spots Superior, simply because it takes away my red spots and makes me look less like a monster.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can i know for this dress, is it very short and transparent? Can i know how tall are you? (: thanks!

Emon Lam said...

Zero Pore Oil Free Pact dry block.
I can work the whole day in office and hardly need to touch up my make up as i will not have a very oily face even at the end of the day leaving my face still looking smooth...

Anonymous said...

Strange any dialogue turns out..

mabel said...

Hi Zoe,

may i check with u whether u go for any facials?
if so, any recommendations?

Hayley said...

it's gonna be Hyper Curl Mascara EX.
love mascara that defines and still give me long and voluminous lashes!

Anonymous said...

I like using the Medicated Whitening Eye Treatment as it is the only thing that salvages my poor abused eyes from the lack of sleep, overexposure to e sun..It smells subtly nice and e effect is really visible. tried a few other brands but this is the one for me=)

jan said...

hw much do u do ur gel nails.. really nice

jan said...

hw much do u do ur gel nails.. really nice

Grace said...

My fav item is definitely the eye zone tinted color essence! It conceals my dark circle and puffy eyes really well and at the same time acts as a moisturizer. My friends love it as well :)

Pling said...

My Favourite Ettusais product is Pore Smooth Concealer..

Initially, i approach Ettusais counter and enquiry about this product and i do have some worries that i will be wasting my money.
The friendly salesgirl gave me two pkts of samples!

Its awesome especially for ppl who have pores that are visible.

All females defintely would loves to look fantastic coz its the facial complexion that attracts ppl to look at you once more!

This Pore Smooth Concealer product maintains my skin's sebum balance with AC Control oil and contains fine powders that helps to disperse light and absorb excess sebum.
It covers my open pores and it treats rough skin too!

Thumbs up for this product!


Thank you all for dropping a comment!

Congrats to Jiayi and Pling! You babes got the invites to the Girls Day out! Please drop me an email at! (:

Contact number.

For the rest who didnt get the invites, still sign up at our counters ya! Hope to see you girls there! (:

Zoe Raymond

Anonymous said...

Hey zoe, hw to view ur past entries or post arh??


Hello! The only way is to click on the labels at the end of each post (:

I didnt put on Archives!


Hey dears, a fellow ettusais ambassador is giving out invites as well!

Here's her blog: (:

Good Luck and see you there!

jingjing said...

hey babe
what kind of foundation and lip bums do u recommand?
have kinda oily and dry skin!