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I did my hair, like FINALLY!!!

Nail Status Number:


Here's a new blogshop to introduce! I got this dress from them and im so pleased and so here's a post!!! (:

The piece is so detailed and stands out really well!

If you like black and blings, this piece is definitely the one you cant miss! I can already name like 5 friends who will be wowed by this dress.

Its a really flattering piece. The length is awesome and material is fab. Great for a simple day out with pumps, works as well for a dinner date at a posh restaurant!

You gotta bookmark for more of their really sexay pieces ya! (:

Please email to for advertising rates (:

. . .

And if you realised there are no more dark roots..... It's cause of my date with Sheila last week..........

Check out my nude face.
And later check out Sheila dear's sooo pweettyyyy face!!! HAHA!

Going to do my hair! So i just bun it alllll up cause the fringe was getting annonyingly longgg!
I really go out like that! I think i should feel embarrass now that i see how i look from the pictures! BAAAA!!!!

Samsung's beauty mode. Not bad ah!! Sheila, fascinated with the front LCD that allows her to0 self camwhore! LOL!

Met up with Sheila to pay Von a visit for our hair! We met at Holland V for lunchie at Thai Express!

Its so obvious you took it yourself! Sheila!!! You need more practice! Next week!! HAHAAH!

Had lime juice! I have a weak tummy and get gastric from soury! But lime juice clears oil!!!!

The bowl that's bigger than her face. Times 2!!!

My yummy lunchie!

As Von was getting ready to color my hair, got bad news from Mom that Dad was warded again. He suffered from a fits and had to be rushed to A and E. So i had to bun my hair back and rush to NUH.

Felt bad for leaving Sheila there! (Sorry again dear!) and i had to cancel HH's shoot which we planned to take after hair at Von's. Dad was in A and E and we couldnt see him till he was given a bed at 6pm! The time when he was warded was just 1pm? So i headed back to Von's for a color and trim and made a trip home to grab some necessities for Dad before heading back to NUH. We had applied for a transfer to SGH as Dad's previous operation was done there and so all the records are there. Took the ambulance to SGH with Dad. (The first we got to see him since he was warded!!!)

Took the front seat, and i saw all the cars changing lane for the siren-ing ambulance.

Jy came to pick Sheila back, and she showed him the wowness of the self camera. Obviously, not taken in by Jy. HAHA! (That Mr. Cool)

Sheila's pweetyy face!
And you can see her nice, new hair color!!! (She made me get the same hair color as her. So now we have the same hair! I reckon the fringe looks similar too eh!)

Von is really awesome, my aunt just visited him and said she should have visited him earlier! She did a rebond and hair cut there (:

She's like a tai tai, so she visited really many of such salons, so when she says its good. I'm sure it has its worth (:

. . .

Took a few pictures when i was accompany Dad in the hospital!
I look bad, just like lunch with Sheila, so you cant really see my face. Just see the hair!!!!! HAHA!

I love soya milk (less sugar)!

Von did wonderful hair treatment for me as well! Now the hair is darker and silkier! (:

So the emails that ask which lipcolor do i use;
I dont use any lip color unless its for photoshoots (: i got pinky lips which Mommy says its due to heatyness! Boo!

You could get Von at 92995052;

Entitled to 10% off any hair services if you mention my name, that is ZOE duhhh!
Von @ 92995052, and he is by Appointment ONLY.
Location: 34A Lor Manbong, Holland V (M.A.D Salon)

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Anonymous said...

Hi can i know what brand contact lens are you wearing and how much does it cost for the hair treatment? Thanks lots

Anonymous said...

how many email address do you have? is you too?


I use a few brands (:
Maxieyes, Freshkon and Dueba.

Von charges about $100 (before discount) for treatments. There are 2 different kinds. 1 is normal leave den wash off, the other is lotion on then steam (which is more expensive and better!) (:


NO! thats not my email! Its some imposer trying to get girls.

Anonymous said...

Hello! May I know how much is the hair colour and cut at von?

I'm tempted to try after looking at both sheila's and your hair!


Hey babe! Its about $200 for the hair service at Von's! Do book urs early cause its Peak period now!!! (:

Von mixed the colors for us, so its really special and pretty!

Anonymous said...

The hair colour looks really awesome! :D

Any idea how much does rebonding cost? Does the rebond that your aunt does look flat?

添芬藍 said...

Hey gal,

Hope ur Dad is better now. Wish him a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

hi gal, love your grey top with the ruffles in front. where did you get it from? btw, hope ur dad is fine.


Hey love, the rebonding is soft rebond so it wont be flat!!! (:

Agree that the hair color looks good!!!! You should visit him soon ya! And let me know when you do! (:


Hey 添芬藍! First, thank youuuu for putting a name so i can address you in the reply!!!! (:

And yes, Daddy is better! Thank you for asking dear!


Hey babe, the top is actually grey blue! I got it from Victoria's Secret! (:

And Daddy is better, thank you for the well wishes! (:

lis said...

hey babe! wanna ask u abt the brazilian waxing! i wanna try it.. is it painful??? can give a lil more info abt it?

dramamamamia said...

Hello babe! hope ur dad is doing well by now )): u must tc of urself so u can tc of ur daddy & blog daily yah?!? reading ur blog lohs :)

lilie said...

hi babe, i love ur photos!! and may i know where u get ur falsies from? they are so pretty!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey babe. the starglaze dress is nice but kinda low leh.. but again if like the model, u wear a tube in it, its not as nice. which brand of "nei zai mei" are u wearing with the dress?


Hi Lis, it hurts the first time thats for sure! But it gets better! :)

And the lady who waxes me is really good, so it really minimises the pain! You should try now that there's an ecoupon offer!!! (:


Hey Dramamamamia! thanks for asking! (: Daddy's recovering well! HEE! (:


Hello Lilie dear, thank you!!! (:

I got them from Bugis/Fareast? Those random shops that sell falsies in big boxes!! (:


Starglace dress: Hey yo, the straps are adjustable if im not wrong! (: And actually its not THAT low! Im using my normal bra which i always use. An e.g. is the grey blue spag which i wore to lunch with Sheila!

Its actually same low-ness! I bet you loveee the bling like me!!! HEHE! (:

Anonymous said...

Hi dear , could i know where do you get your fakie eyelashes on the post where u introduce the japanese crackers :)

thanks !

becky said...

hello! i'm thinking of getting ur samsung camera! is urs st500 or 550? how much did u buy it for?

Thanks! sorry ask so much! :D


Its the same one i mentioned above! Its those in box of 10 from bugis/fareast! (:


Hey Becky! Read this post: (:

I got the samsung camera free as i won a contest by samsung (: Its ST550 if im not wrong! Cause its an international contest, its called TL225 in the states (:

If im not wrong, its retailing at around $500?

Unknown said...

hey. hope ur dad is feeling much better now:)

Nice pics btw;)
Can I know wat do u use to keep ur skin so smooth and with no dark spots? thnx:D

ice said...

heys i would like to noe whr u get ur dueba contact lens from ?? and how much does it cost for a pair??


Oliver: Hello! this is my real complexion! (:

The other pictures are taken via the beauty mode on my samsung! (: So might be of abit of cheat! HEHE!

I eat fruits, vege and drink water! HAHA! And 10 hours of sleep at times, 7 hours at minimum! (:


They were from Beauty in house (: Sponsored.

Nicole said...

Hi, the pics used to camwhore is digitial cam or hp front cam, but the quality looks great... lol!


Hi Nicole, its a digital camera's front LCD (:

Zee said...

Hey. Where'd you get the sliver heels from? It's gorgeous!


Hello! Silver heels are from Mondo at Fareast (: