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Lolliepop Bestie! (:

On my way to Kathie's for the Lolliepop bestie shoot (:

I've got 2 new bags today! (:

The bucket bag can be used sling or as a handbag! (:

And this is my new bag for my photohoots. Its so huge, i can fit 3 pairs of heels, countless shorts and accessories!!!! And there's still room for more!!!

If im going to gym somewhere outside my condo, i can bring this too!!!

I'm trying to trigger the FLASH!!!! The day was so hot, the flash doesnt come! ):
I prefer flash on my pictures!

So below, you will see MORE pictures, w/o flash that is.

Say HELLO to Elmo!!! (:

Finally flash triggers. You know where? Under trees. When the cabby was under loads of trees, the flash triggered.

And its not long before the shades went away. So no more flash! HAHA!

Headed to town after the shoot. Had dinner at Lucky Plaza! My first time having chicken rice there. The Ching Teng is good tho!

After dinner, headed to Fareast! Sheila dear left me some goodies at our nail place! HEHE! Sorry that shoot extended and i missed you! ):

Next week?

Orchard Road is all lit up now! All ready for Christmas!!! Whats Christmas for you?

Family or Friends?

So happy cause i just picked up my goodies! (:

I couldnt wait till i got home. I opened them on my way down the lift! HAHA! I got my top, dress and heels from HH!

. . .

Those you just seen above, are all lolliepopbestie's latest manufactured pieces!!! (:

My previous shoot with lolliepopbestie (: Their manufactured stuffies are really pretty and getting better and better!

And they just launched Collection 78! So here's a sneak preview of tonight's launch! (:

Credits bags:
Beige Spag:
Please email for advertising rates (:

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Unknown said...

elmo elmo so funny lol!! what r u doing with him in the cab:p

anyway, great shoots as usual:D

Anonymous said...

hi babe,
where did you get the necklace from?
the one that has your name if im not wrong..

shiling said...

hi zoe,
can i know which level is the chicken rice at?
e chingteng looks nice.



Hey Oliver, just collected the elmos from the seller! (:


Necklace: Knew the babes will be asking!!! Its so prettyyy right! HAHA!

Will be sharing it by tonight!!! (:


Hi Shiling, its on the 3rd level! (:
Ching teng is nice, but very small bowl! HAHA!

dramamamamia said...

hey babe. although i say it a thousand times, but i jsut wan to say how i envy ur flawless complexion & pinkish lips lohs. sooo nice :)

i like the Camila Inspired High Collared Work Dress frm lolliepop.but i think it will be short on me (im 1.64m) since it alr looks short on u )):


Hey dramamamamamia! The dress is actually okay! But i dint pull it down properly if u see properly! All creased cause it looks tit too lod of me! (:

and thanks for the compliments! HEHE!

Anonymous said...

hey can i just check with you, is the bucket bag out for sale yet? :)

JeAn~♥ said...

Yr clothes is so nice. Where u buy from?


Hello! Which bucket bag? (: If its he one in this post, yes!! they are sellin it! (:


Hi Jean, which clothes? (:

Anonymous said...