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Ettusais Girls' Day Out!!!


12.15 PM: On the way to Ettusais event!!! (:

I wore these roses as a bracelet! HEHE! Its actually a rubberband!!! So cute right! Its only $4.50?

12.45 PM: Reached the venue!!!

Took some pictures while waiting! We were early! HEHE!

01.00 PM: Its ready!!!

Event was held at the Beauty Studio where the Shiseido Sale was held! HEHE! Its a hugeeee room!!!

Thats Sher at the registration booth!!! (:
The place i will go to the get my goodie bag later too!!! HEHE!

I was greeted with;

1. Ettusais counters!!!

There were Ettusais products on sale!

And the luggages and diaries are cheaper at the event!!! Buy $100 and you get the luggage already! Buy $28 to get the diary!!! So many privileges!!!

2. Regine's booth!!!

Her booth had the most customers!!! I got myself a denim top for myself at only $10!! (:

3. Shoes!!!!

Look at the number of shoes! Pumps, heels!!! They have shoes for every occasion!!!


There were complimentary manicures as promised!! (:
Early birds dint have to wait!!!!

5. Accessories!!

So many right!!! I hate my eyes crossed just seeing these pretty things!

6. Frenchfleurs!!!

And Frenchfleurs was there too! (:
Sarah and i were going through Jeanine's racks intensively!! HAHA!! She brought so many new goodies and there was a sale rack too!!!

Before i left, took pictures with Sarah dear and Sher! (:

And remember there was a Ettusais Giftaway? I managed to take a picture with one of the girls who won the free invites! Oh boy, i was following her quietly behind, and saw that she got herself LOADS of Ettusais goodies! See who's the new Ettusais fan! HAHA! She bought like over $150 if im not wrong and got herself the gorgeous luggage and diary!!! Yay!!!

More giftaways next year ya! Promise!!! (:

My goodie bags from Sher before i left!! (:

Left for a movie at Cine!

I wear my name on my neck now! Its my new necklace, made in Germany! (:

06.30 PM: Dinner!!!

Ended the night with dinner at Ding Tai Feng at Wisma! The queue was really long! Only had picture of the appetizer, cause by the time our main dishes came, we were digging in!!!! HAHA!!!!

Credits: necklace
flower rubberband on wrist:
Email for advertising rates (:

*Made in Germany Necklace: Christmas promo selling at $59 (5 letters) + free made in Germany polishing cloth+free normal postage.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, where did you get your blue rose dress from?? it is very pretty. :)

P said...

Just curious! What's inside the Ettusais doorgift? The luggage is so cute!

Anonymous said...

can i know where did u get your 5 dec 09, red strip dress? look so nice

Anonymous said...

hi, may i know which web is selling the name necklace? thanks! :)

Y said...

heys sweet, may I know what's the number of the spring heart fake lashes in your dec 18 post?

P said...

I went to 2 of the ettusias branches and the service was bad, unfriendly.

Unknown said...

nice dress:)
Merry xmas Zoe!! hv fun;)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Been reading your blog..

And saw this as my friend request and I know it's not you..

So I'm was surprised to see your photo but it's not you.

Somebody's using your pics babe!


Hello! The dress was from Intoxiquette long time back! (:


Hey there! The doorgift was a set of the ettusais wash! The soap, aqua shooter and version up! (:

See here: (:


Hello! The strip dress on the post on bikes? (: The dress was a sponsored piece by thegoldencloset!


Necklace credits are at the end of this post dear! (:
Go check it out ya!!!


Y, hey dear! I don't have the lash no. ! I got quite a few pairs so i just open randomly! They have quite a no. of pretty, natural pairs to choose from!!! (:


Hey P! Sorry to hear about that! (: You could drop an email here: and let the management know! And what were your concerns!

I would be glad to help! (:


Thanks Oliver and have a good christmas! (:


Oh boy! These people have nothing better to do! Thanks for the input dear! (:

Pling said...

Pling here!!!
Yes.. I defintely enjoy myself at the event..
I bought like over $250+ which I helped my friend bought as well..
Guess wad? I bring home two luggage bag n a ettusais diary!!!
I simply love my hot pink pokka dots luggage and not forgetting my ettusais cosmetics!!
They are a wonder!!
Thanks babe!!
Oh ya, didn't knw u secretly behind me sia.. Haa.
Do drop by my URL @ for event pic
hope to see ya agn!

Anonymous said...

Hi! the blue rose dress u are wearing is cream based or white based?

thanks! happy new year!


Great seeing you too, Plink! (:

Hope you and your friend had fun!


Hello! Hmmm, i think its white base! (: But alil greyish due to the thick cloth material?

Happy new year too!!! (: