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Panasonic Don’t Just Dry – Beautify

Received Panasonic EH-NA98 Premium Hair Dryer a few weeks before I went to Bangkok with my parents in December. Tried it a few times in Singapore and decided to pack it along with me for the trip. I often get disappointed with hotels' low power hair dryers.

Panasonic EH-NA98 Premium Hair Dryer is not a regular hair dryer that dries our hair. It provides moisture-rich nanoe™ treatment for healthy and beautiful hair, scalp and skin! When I say skin, I mean our face!

Here are some of my favorite features of this hair dryer.

1. nanoe™ and Double Mineral ions moisturise hair and scalp

nanoe™ are ultrafine water ions that easily penetrate hair and skin to keep it moisturised while double mineral firmly tightens cuticles”. It firmly tightens cuticles to prevent hair damage from brushing and UV rays. Hair is more manageable and no problems with running your fingers smoothly through hair!

2. Scalp Care Mode

I turn on this mode when I am drying my scalp. Especially useful when you have bangs, you require to apply more heat and at the top of the head to dry hair. Scalp care mode goes at gentle temperature of 50°C while nanoe™ adds moisture which relieves dryness.

3. Hot and Cold Alternating Mode

I use this mode after my hair is about 90% dry. This mode allows automatic switch of airflow between hot air and cold air to make our hair lustrous. This temperature gap lessens waviness, making the surface of the hair uniform. Because the hair now reflects more light, it adds lustre.

4. Skin Care Mode

After my hair is dry, I turn on the Skin Care Mode and point it towards my face about 30cm away for 1 minute. The nanoe™ hydrates our skin! The Panasonic EH-NA98 Premium Hair Dryer is now available at all authorised retailers at S$399.00. For more information on the product, visit

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