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Carrislabelle Wireless & Strapless Brassieres

It all started with a chat with Carris, the girlboss of Carrislabelle  I told her I was nursing and was desperate to wear my sleeveless, spaghetti, tube dresses! I did not want to be limited to only nursing outfits when I am out with Arielle.

Carrislabelle is well known for their swimwear, nightwear and lingerie. So I googled and showed Carris some examples of possible strapless nursing bras and within minutes, she sent me a few options! I am very thankful to have her sent the Seamless Tube to me to try out before we did a post. I tried it almost immediately because I was so excited!

We have decided to come up with this blog post because Carrislabelle have expanded their wireless, strapless bra to 5! A lot of you are now spoilt for choice and been asking us "which to get?"! So this is it!

Not sure how many of you remember this post.

1. Seamless Hooked Tube Bra 

The Seamless Hooked Tube Bra flew off (online) shelves so quickly! Glad to have found something so useful for fellow nursing and non-nursing mothers. Ever since I was pregnant, I stopped wearing wired bras because I feel sick when I have something pressed against my diagram. So these Seamless Hooked Tube Bra work very well for me because they are wireless and they are strapless so I can finally wear my sleeveless clothes. When I need to nurse, I just pull the tube bra down (or up).

This Seamless Hooked Tube Bra comes in 3 colors, Black, White and Nude. It is free-size and fits size 70-85 A/B/C. When I first gave birth, I was much bustier. As milk supply regulated, my bust size went down. Therefore, I would say Seamless Tube is suitable for the bustier.

2. Seamless Back Cutout Bra

If you like your bras seamless but with some details, there is the Seamless Back Cutout Bra.

This is similar to the above, the only difference is the back details; which will come in extra useful if you intend to wear a muscle tee or a top which flaunts your back.

I highly suggest you to get the black one, it will look really sexy! Also comes in 3 colors and good for bustier women.

Carrislabelle later introduced Rosette- because women can never have just 1 bra.

3.  Rosette Lace Tube Bra

Rosette Lace Tube Bra also has removable paddings and the same 3 colors. The downside about Rosette is also it's pretty lace details which may show. If you intend to wear something tight fitting, you should opt for the Seamless Hooked Tube Bra. But I personally like Rosette for it's rosette lace details and tighter fit.

4. Cotton Hooked Tube Bra

This very quickly became my favorite because it's made of cotton and so comfortable and soft!

I found myself wearing this most often in recent weeks. This bra has cute little trimmings and is textured.

Unlike the above 3 designs, Cotton Hooked Tube Bra only comes in white or black. Also suitable for the less well-endowed.

5. Soft Cotton Tube Bra

Carrislabelle knew I love cotton bras, and she just brought in her latest design last week! This one has scallop trimmings! Yay to this design because it comes in all 3 colors again! It has gathered details at chest to give an illusion of bigger bust :P So pick this, if you are looking to look a bit bustier. This Soft Cotton Tube Bra also has removable paddings so you can opt for a thicker padding and still go strapless too!

Hope this little guide helped you decide which bra to pick!

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