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IUIGA Mother & Baby

As many of you already know, we have started Arielle on solids last week! Mommy is very excited about Arielle's feeding session therefore the things I've been getting are mostly just for that! IUIGA recently launched their Mother & Baby collection which came really timely for us!

We got her the Siesta 3-in-1 Convertible Baby Highchair which we use for her feeds and some feeding accessories such as bowls, spoons and Arielle's favorite of the lot, a finger toothbrush. Share more below!

We got this Siesta 3-in-1 Convertible Baby Highchair for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the price, of course. IUIGA Transparent Pricing told us that the raw cost of this chair is just $93.04 and the price tag of chairs like these at normal retailers is $403.65! We only got to pay $169 at IUIGA, which is truly a steal!

Secondly, it is useful from birth until 3 years old! The height, recline and tray can be adjusted to our growing babies with a 5-point harness which keeps them secure!

 A lower height position if we wish to sit on the floor to feed Arielle!

Lastly, it folds up compactly for storage!

This is a very important point for families, isn't it? Especially when we have a baby (or even babies), the things at home just multiples and multiples!

I need to add the 4th reason why we like this chair! Look at how comfortable Arielle is seated in it! The chair is deeply padded so it allows her to sit in for longer periods of time. Arielle now joins us at the dining table in her high chair with some toys on her tray!

Ever since I see how my baby nephew grew up at the dining table, I know this Skylar Mini Bowl Feeding Mat is something every parent must get!

This mat has built-in suction to grip to any table surface to keep the baby from throwing his/her bowl off the table! This feeding mat limits the mess that will be caused! At IUIGA, the price of this smart suction mat is just $17.80! It is more than double the price at normal retailers -WOW!

This BPA-free Soft-tip Silicone Baby Feeding Spoon is similar to NUK.

Check out the Transparent Pricing!

The spoon is soft enough for our babies' delicate gums. She was happily chewing the spoon during our feeds! That's not the only thing she is chewing from our loots from IUIGA!

The other item she's been chewing is the Uno Baby Finger Toothbrush.

The finger toothbrush doubles up as a teether and relief for her gums as she's teething now!

The soft dimple stubs at the back comes in handy to soothe and massage their sore gums. Made from 100% food-grade soft silicone, I feel safe that is in her mouth more than anything else. It's just $3.20 at IUIGA, definitely getting a few more!

The last fun and mess and fuss-free item we got from IUIGA's Mother & Baby collection is the Squeeze & Feed Baby Food Dispensing Spoon.

Mommy quick feed me!

We put in her purée in the dispensing spoon and lightly squeeze some of each mouth. It holds up to 90ml and can take temperatures from -20 to 120 degrees Celsius. This is not just for solids, you can use this for medication and milk, basically liquids as well. We have also started to feed Arielle some water and this dispensing spoon comes in handy and she finds it fun to drink it from a spoon!

These are my top 5 from IUIGA Mother & Baby's collection for 5.5 months old Arielle! Hope they are useful for you too now or in time to come. Do check out the Mother & Baby's collection if there have been some items which you have been wanting to get but waiting for the price to drop! It could already be available at IUIGA at a fraction of the normal retailers' price! If there's anything you wish to get, use my referral code for a $10 off when you spend $100! (:

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