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How I managed to increase my dipped milk supply!

Mom's guilt that we travelled without Arielle for 16 days. Just to increase my dipped supply, followed by to maintain supply; I've pumped a total of 120 times of 20,000ml, dumping over 15,000ml of milk!

Just before I packed my luggage & left for Canada, I was mentally prepared to end my exclusive breastfeeding journey. By pump, I was yielding only about 100ml every 3-hourly. It wasn't enough for Arielle as she drinks 150ml. I latched as much as I could that week. When I latch, somehow Arielle is able to suckle more so it still lasted her at least 3 hours. She's my best pump!

I first wrote this in notes on the plane where I had my first pump. I find it very useful cause this is where I go to keep a log of pumps.

Alvin has been very supportive, he kept reassuring me that I've done well and we have met our 6 months goal. But a big part of me wasn't ready to give up, especially after seriously thinking about this topic for more than 2 weeks & then finally deciding to edtend to a year! Therefore, I went ahead with my initial plan which was to bring 2 pumps which were Spectra S1 to pump in the hotel & Liberty on the go. I brought 2 pumps also just in case 1 fails, I don't have to scramble to buy a new pump. I decided that I would just do my best, pumping every 3-4 hourly in the day and 4-5.5 hourly at nights.

To keep to schedule, I pumped everywhere we went- on the plane, at airport lounges, in the car on our road trips, in carparks, in restaurants & even toilets, there was 1 that was nasty! At this point of time, total pumping time per pump was between 5-15 minutes. When I was trying to increase supply a week back, I was pumping up to 30 minutes.

Pumping in the toilet again cause we were at a petrol kiosk

Vancouver Sea Aquarium impressed me with their nursing corner! I was in a couch, facing the aquarium where dolphins swam!

This particular one was when we arrived in Banff and it was 0 degrees and I was pumping in the car to our lodge.

I used the nursing cover whenever I had to pump in public. There was once where the weather was 31 degrees, I was suffering under the nursing cover as I usually massage & pump at the same time. For the expressed milk, I used some of the milk for our feet but threw most of them. Surely, it is such a waste & heartpain to throw but key right here is to maintain/ increase supply. As long as I kept pumping religiously, there will still be milk when I go back.

Slowly, I saw my yield picking up again. I always try to share what worked for me so here goes. I realized that the yield depends very highly on what I eat and drink. I have to keep very hydrated and not skip any meals. I need to snack regularly too. At times, the yield can be just 50ml because I haven't had or just had breakfast. But a few hours after a hearty dinner, the yield can go up to as high as 290ml.

What worked for me to increase supply was:
1. Pump on schedule, empty boobs to signal boobs that more milk needs to be created. After supply increased, I stopped emptying, I was just hoping to make enough for Arielle.
2. Do not skip any meal, snack often enough, fruits, granola, lactation cookies & drink a lot of liquids. Your pee should be clear or light yellow to tell if you are well hydrated.
3. Have enough rest. Super super important.
4. The easiest way to attain #3, is to take a short holiday, without the baby.

Time away from the baby can be upsetting. But it helped me to be more relaxed, have enough sleep which in turn helps with yield. Yield started picking up when I had enough rest on the 22 hours flight to Canada! It was that fast! I hope these tips works for you too like it worked for me! A big thank you to those who wrote to me to help & encourage me too! I even had a client tell me she will send me a lifetime of lactation goodies if it helps, I was so touched! I had 2 weeks of very upsetting episodes in my life that dipped my supply, if I can do it, I'm sure you can too! Press on, Mamas. 🙏🏼

If you had asked me what kept me going, daily videos and photos of this little one did. I love you princess.

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