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Our Wedding

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Alvin and I decided not to get a wedding planner for our wedding and we saw to every detail on our own. Because we started our planning early, doing things progressively, we were well prepared for our wedding celebration. But the wedding wouldn't be possible without the help of our vendors. The caterers, florists, wedding decor and so much more! I would like to thank them all here and can assure you that you would love them too, should you be looking for vendors for your big day / parties!

Lacebridge Weddings
I have worked with Lacebridge for a few years now. It started with helping them with a photo shoot when they first launched in Singapore. Sharon knows what kind of girl I am from the conversations we have had, so customizing my gowns with her have always been fun and a breeze!

I told her that I only wanted to do one march-in for my banquet so we decided to custom-make 2 white gowns; 1 for church and 1 for the banquet. For those who ask why isn't there a second march-in in an evening dress, my answer would be that I wanted to spend more time with my friends and family. I have heard and seen brides spend more time changing dresses, makeup and hairdo and wished they had more interaction with their guests on their big day. Once I heard a newly wedded bride saying to her friend, "How's my wedding? I wasn't around most of the time!". I never want to feel like that and then live to regret. But of course, this is just how I feel. It is each bride's prerogative.

My church white gown was sleeved with a low V back and train. I love the lace and every detail of this piece so much!
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There is one makeup artist who truly knows me best, and that is Lynette. Lynette has been doing makeup for me for more than 7 years. She knows my face so well, what works for me and what doesn't. And it is always fun with her around. You can tell from that big laughter I had. What is most important is that Lynette is always early, she was almost 30 minutes early on my big day, which gave us a lot of time for the rest of the morning. We know how crucial time is on THE wedding day!
We decided on an up-do for church and let down for banquet.
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The Nail Status
The Nail Status gave me beautiful nude-themed nails of fresh dried yellow leaves and white flowers for the big day. But this time around, they also got me well covered- my eyelash extensions, eyebrow embroidery were also done by them! I decided to go for eyelash extensions instead of falsies cause I know how much brides can tear on their weddings. The last thing I want is my faux lashes dropping off, they would look bad on photos! I also did my eyebrow embroidery with The Nail Status about 2 months before the wedding so they are in the best shade for the actual day. I had no eyebrow powder on that day, it was perfect and makeup was a breeze!
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Smile Floral have been such a great help! They truly played a big role in our wedding. We got all our flowers from them, from bridal bouquet, bridal car, bridesmaids' bouquets, corsages, church aisles to the flowers for our customized wooden signboards! Look at how beautiful our bridal car was! Right in theme, Rustic.
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We got our customized wood pieces from KCottageStudio! We wanted some of their beautiful carved wood for our church ceremony and they were so beautiful! We had Better Together for the bride and groom chairs at church and a signboard with our names with our favorite quote, To Love and to Cherish. The timeless signboard is still sitting beautifully in our room, a piece you can definitely keep and display after your wedding.
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I knew the kind of dress I wanted for my bridesmaids every since we fixed a date. I wanted something that flaunt their beautiful shoulders and an ombre dress they would all look beautiful in. Thank you, TheoryOfSeven, for sending these dresses over! With sizes from XS to 3XL, there is definitely a size for every one of your special bridesmaid!
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Michael Trio
This was in fact the very first item that we checked off the Wedding To-Do list! Our wedding bands are from Michael Trio. I have always wanted an Eternity Ring as my wedding band so it didn't take long for me to settle on the final design! You can read more about our wedding bands shopping here!
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We got our bridal shoes from Aldo Singapore! I chose a pair of glittery heels like all brides want their wedding shoes to be! My groom chose a pair of brown leather shoes to go with his navy suit. If you were wondering, my shoes are CIASA and still available in stores!
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Lady Xiang Cheongsam
Always wanted to have a customized cheongsam and no better time than my tea ceremony to own one! Thank you for the wonderful service of making sure we nailed on the lace I love. And because I wanted to be adventurous to play red and blue, thank you for sourcing all the different fabrics in these 2 shades to make sure that the colors went well together. If you are looking for a cheongsam yourself, you can quote Zoe for a $50 off your cheongsam at Lady Xiang Cheongsam!
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You just can't not have some personalized balloons at your wedding these days! Got ours from our friends at Looney Bloon Singapore! We chose the classic gold and white colors that goes very well with our rustic theme. What you would love best about these big balloons are that they last quite a while!
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We hosted our guests with sumptuous and beautiful canap├ęs from Neo Garden after our church ceremony. Everyone loved the spread and we even spotted a few of them coming out to get more, even after they were seated! We had Mini Chocolate Eclair, Egg Mayo Sandwich, Tuna Mayo Sandwich, Mini Mushroom Pie, Mini Fruit Tartlet, Spicy Hummus with Shrimp and Button Mushroom with Semi Dried Tomato Tapenade! We heard that the hot favorite was the Spicy Hummus with Shrimp! We had wanted a simple and classy set up without food warmers; a selection that was easy for our guests to pick up and eat. A big thank you for customizing the menu for Alvin and me!
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Churros Factory Live Station
We knew our guests have a sweet tooth so we got our friends from Churros Factory over! They really got everyone excited! Freshly made churros with as much topping as you like - cinnamon, chocolate fudge, strawberry, butterscotch and caramel. It made everyone's belly happy, especially the little ones! Churros Factory is Singapore’s Crafted Churros and they offer a wide variety of Churros flavours. Certainly a brillant choice for any party!
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Cannot thank Wedding Carpenter enough. They not only prepared my customized photobooth backdrop and angbao boxes, they also helped me with the biggest task of all- my photo table! Helping me to layout the photos I printed at Fotohub into the rustic theme I had in mind. I just left everything to them. And I was all smiles when we arrived at the hotel from church. It was beautiful. Quote Zoe at the above vendors for a 10% off the services!
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Paper Flowers by Partypopsg!
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My favorite album displayed at our wedding was this very one! It was an album of all our travel photos and one of our favorite pages was our trip to Japan; a country where we visited most together and where Alvin proposed. We could have a photo table filled with our memories, all thanks to Fotohub! To complete the table, we printed our photos in polaroid-style and squares to pin up on those lines. Besides hardcover albums and photos, we also had our favorite photos blown up on metal and canvas to sit on easels around the reception! We wouldn't have done it anywhere else. Thank you for the one-stop service, Fotohub! Enter zoeraymond at checkout for 15% off all printing services at! (Min. $10)
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No wedding is complete without a photo booth! Thank you 31 Production, for the high quality prints and loads of props!! You can read more here and quote Zoe at the above vendors for a 10% off the services!
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Photography by Renee and Fangjie from Multifolds. Mention ZoeXMultifolds for a 10% off your Pre-Wedding + AD Wedding Package valid till 2018 only!
I hope this post is of help to your wedding planning! Remember to enjoy the process and that:
A Wedding is for a Day, A Marriage is for a Lifetime!

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