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Our Savior from 3M!

It has been 5 months since we installed our new 3M™ Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser at home! It only got me wondering why didn't I get 1 earlier! This machine has been nothing short of convenience for my family and only got me wondering why I didn't get one earlier.

In the past, we used to boil hot water via a kettle whenever we wanted a hot drink or to eat cup noodles. And there were times where I decided against the hot drink cause I am was too lazy to wait for that the water to boil. But with the 3M dispenser around, I can now get hot water anytime I want! It is going to be even more convenient when our baby arrives next year, especially when I need hot water to make milk in the wee hours.

With 3M™ Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser, we can save precious time and also space, while ensuring that the water my family drink is of the highest quality. The dispenser uses a miniaturized 3M filter based on proven filtration technology with more than 75 years of history.

One of the key features that my Mom likes best is the hot water safety lock feature which prevents accidental scalding. And in future where my daughter is older, I won't have to worry about her scalding herself accidentally!

To dispense hot water, just tap the HOT button once to deactivate the safety lock first, then press the black push button beneath.

It is not just the instant hot water that has been such a life saver., Getting our supply of ice cold water has also become much more convenient! No more having to keep bottles of cold water in the fridge (which occupies too much space) or making sure there are sufficient ice cubes whenever I want a cold drink or ribena!

To dispense cold water, check that the LED button is lit blue before pressing the black push button beneath.

In one tap, the blue icon for cold water changes to green for room temperature water! Just tap to alternate between the two modes.

There is even an auto dispense mode, pretty useful when you need to refill tall water bottles or containers! Just press the COLD/AMBI button for a few seconds until it starts blinking, then press the black push button once. (To stop dispensing water, just press the button again)

The folks at Jestac (3M Authorized Distributor) came over to help us with the installation. We did a direct piped-in installation which ensures a continuous supply of water to the dispenser and removes the need for manual refilling. Requirements for installation are quite straightforward too, you just need your dispenser to be near a power point and water source, (ours is from under the sink).

Some extra key features of 3M™ Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser that you may be happy to know are:

1. Cleaner and better-tasting drinking water that is free of rust, sediments, chlorine taste and odour. The dispenser uses a miniaturized 3M filter that is backed by over 75 years of 3M filtration technology and expertise!
2. BPA-free for all parts in contact with water (same feature to look out for in milk and water bottles) 3. UV sterilization
4. Removable bottom catchment makes it possible to fill tall water bottles (up to 25cm in height)
5. Only 1 filter cartridge to replace instead of multiple ones.
6. The filter cartridge can be purchased conveniently from 3M authorized distributor Jestac or your nearest Selffix store.

Changing the filter is so easy (just a simple twist motion) that you can even change it on your own! It is recommended by 3M to replace the filter cartridge every 6 months and it only costs $120.

The 3M Dispenser has been a saviour for these past few months, especially on weekday mornings where we tend to be in a rush for work. Dispensing hot water for a cup of hot milo or cereals is such a breeze now. We are also better prepared for our baby’s arrival next year, as we can now get hot water instantly and conveniently to make milk! Thank you, 3M!

3M Dispenser is available in black and white! You can read more here!

For the whole month of November & December, the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser retails at only $1,488 (U.P. $1,888) and includes a FREE filter (worth $120)! The first 20 customers to sign up via this link will get to enjoy an additional $50 OFF the current promotion price! Offer ends 31 December 2017! Price comes with delivery and standard installation.

Visit Jestac’s showroom to test out the features of the dispenser and try a cup of 3M filtered water!

Jestac Pte Ltd
Tel: 6288 8290
WhatsApp: 8722 1727
Showroom: 2 Kim Chuan Drive #02-06 CSI Distribution Centre Singapore 537080
(Nearest MRT: Tai Seng)
Other than buying directly from Jestac, the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser can be conveniently purchased from all Selffix stores islandwide as well as selected Home-Fix and Best Denki stores. Click here for the full list of retail stores.

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