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Zoe & Alvin Wedding- Photobooth

 photo 2017-6-10-39032.jpg
Customized Photobooth backdrop made by Wedding Carpenter & Partypopsg and photography and props by my Aunt's set up, 31 Productions! Quote Zoe at the above vendors for a 10% off the services!

 photo 2017-6-10-38997.jpg

 photo 2017-6-10-40484.jpg
Jason & Zonia, and Zonia in Style Lease!

 photo 2017-6-10-43084.jpg
4ByDeux babes!
 photo 2017-6-10-43141.jpg
A big thank you to Lynette and Francis from Lady Xiang Cheongsam for this custom made cheongsam!
 photo 2017-6-10-43353.jpg
Kiss Gan Ma!!
 photo 2017-6-10-43423.jpg
It was tough trying to get a shot with just 4 of us, cause Zyan kept running in!
 photo 2017-6-10-43403.jpg
 photo 2017-6-10-40507.jpg
My one and only Gugu!
 photo 2017-6-10-40562.jpg
Ever supportive colleagues who came to church too!
 photo 2017-6-10-46283.jpg
Work will never be the same without you ladies! (:

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