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Hello from Vancouver! We are on our last leg of our 15-day honeymoon. It has been 6-18 degrees here so the air been pretty drying and sunny. Cause we would be away for 2 weeks, I packed full-sized toiletries for both of us; which includes this new shampoo and treatment from Botanist!

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I really love the minimalist bottling of this brand. Together with their branding, Botanist, you can immediately tell that this brand strives on refreshing and natural ingredients. Both of us have fine, thin hair (Alvin with drier scalp that sometimes cause dandruff) and always prefer lighter, gentler shampoos. We were happy to read that Botanist products are made with 90% of water and natural plant derived ingredients gentle to the hair and scalp and water and silicone free.
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Botanist Botanical Shampoo Smooth A – Green Apple & Rose
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Alvin is usually very particular with his shampoos because most off the shelf shampoos are too overpowering and give him dandruff and dry hair. But surprisingly, he loves this for the lightness and no dandruff! For those who have fine hair like me or concerned about dandruff like Alvin, you can give Botanist a try! The vegetable extract in the products bring back the natural elasticity of the hair and refreshes the scalp!
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 Botanist Botanical Treatment Smooth A – Apple & Berry!
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I usually avoid my scalp when I use treatment and concentrate more at the hair ends cause they tend to be drier. Especially since I just permed my hair ends last week, this treatment came handy.
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Here's my hair looking soft and even pretty shining after about 10 washes! You can't tell that I just had them permed, can you? It is no wonder Botanist was awarded Best Shampoo Award in the UK’s biggest beauty related awards at The Beauty Shortlist in 2017 and is also Rakuten Top No 1 selling shampoo with over 200 million sold!
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This series of shampoo and treatment also comes in Botanist Botanical Shampoo Moist A – Apricot & Jasmine and Botanist Botanical Treatment Moist A – Apple & Berry! Can't wait to try these variants too!

Botanist is priced at SGD26 each and you can get them from any Sephora Singapore stores, Sephora Singapore Online! More info on Botanist at their official page!

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