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Zoe & Alvin Wedding- Highlights

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Starting this post with my favorite shot of the series. Of me, my dad and mom. 
5AM of 10th June 2017. 
Love this shot taken by Renee while Lynette was dolling me up. I opt for a lighter, dewy look & we only took 15 minutes for makeup!
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Thank you speech. 
I would like to first thank my parents. It wasn't easy bringing me up. I was an independent child and I was strong-willed and had strong mind of my own.

My mommy is awesome, but if there's one thing I could change. I would have wanted her to spend more time with her friends. Dinners or do some shopping. My mommy, puts her family before herself and fun. I can't remember a day where she is not home to go through homework with me when I was younger. She & Daddy wouldn't even travel anywhere without her 2 daughters.

My father, he's one of the most gentle man I know. Like all my friends say too, he's always with his big smile, warming hearts. Sorry, Daddy. For all the times where I've been impatient with you, talking back & making you upset. I hope you know I love you & I try & will remember to be more patient. I love you, Daddy & Mommy. I miss you both already.
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Bridesmaid squad shot while we waited for the groom!
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Groom and his groomsmen!
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You may kiss the bride hehe!
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10th June 7.45AM. Entourage to church
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 photo LEE_5398.jpg
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Zonia took this photo with an iPhone as we drove to church!
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Thank you speech.
To my husband, Alvin. All your counting down, this day is here! Babylove, it definitely wasn't easy for us to stand here next to one another today. We had a rough path but we never gave up on one another. I love how we would joke and tease one another like friends & behave like a new dating couple. Some friends (like Mabs) can't understand how we can FaceTime every night before we sleep even after 5 years!

I love how you are always kind & generous to the people around you. You have showed me how I can be a better person too. Thank you for showering me with your love & attention, putting in more effort when you know that things are not second nature to you. Thank you, for still throwing me with surprises like flying over to Taiwan last month just to spend the weekend with me. Let's remember to never take each other for granted, do little or not so little surprises for many, many more years to come. . To love & to hold. To love & behold. From this day forth.
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Thank you speech.
My baby sister, what am I going to do without you. You are the best gift that daddy & mommy have given me. You are my playmate, my best friend, my sleeping buddy ever since we could sleep by ourselves. I'm going to miss waking up to you by my side & all the chats in bed before we both fall asleep. Even though jie jie wouldn't be with you as often now, do not forget that I will always be a phone call away. 姐姐lovesyou!
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Thank you speech.
To my bridesmaids; Everyone has a best friend during each stage of life; & you girls are my 8! Each of you makes me laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter & live a little better.

Jing Yi & Yu Xin, my 2 not so baby cousins anymore. Grown up so fine, pretty & very tall. You both are Zonia & my first playmates. Thank you, for playing big roles for me today. I can't wait for Reiko to be back & we all go for another karaoke together like the good old days.

Jing & En, my oldest friends in the room today. Oldest not in term of age but the years of friendship we have had together. It's been 15 years! I remember how I was a spoil spot because I always had to be the first to go home during our gatherings. Thank you for not ostracizing me & I am so happy that you both are with me in this stage of my life. 

Chris, Mabs & Sheila, same same! Thank you for still being my good buds even though I do not go for 8PM dinners, karaoke sessions, clubs & impromptu holidays with you girls. You girls are also the very reason why I can go out gai gai pretty & take nice photos. You girls dress me up & give me pretty lashes, brows & make sure I come back for a new set of nails- I can get pretty lazy sometimes! Aesthetics aside, thank you, for standing by me all these years. Through all the ups & downs in my life. 8 years of friendship is not near enough, here's to 80 more years!
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Personalized blooms from Smile Floral!
 photo D75_1798.jpg
9AM Wedding Mass 💒

I've pictured this a hundred times in my head. Canon in D, my favorite church wedding march in song playing. My best friends & sister walk in front of me in beautiful dresses & hand bouquets. & with my hand around his arm, my dad walk me down the aisle with a small smile on our lips but tears in our eyes.
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Better Together plaque from KCottageStudio, made complete by my florists at Smile Floral!

First walk as husband as Mr and Mrs Yang!
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11am: Back to Ritz Carlton for tea ceremony and banquet.
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