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NIVEA Extra White SPF30 to Japan

Took my family to Japan for 9 days! It was an amazing trip cause our family got to bond together and we will always try to make it a point to travel once a year together.

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This was our first shot at Arashiyama! And that's me at Nara Park with Bambi!
 photo Photo 11-5-17 5 52 33 PM.jpg
We were there looking at deers and sightseeing for close to 3 hours!
You could tell, the places we visited are mostly outdoors and we had to walk a lot between places. Even though the weather was cool at 17 degrees on the average, it was really sunny and the air was dry.
Be it men or women, we want good skin and good skin comes from enough rest, water and proper skin protection.

Did you know that 10 signs of dull and dry skin that arises from UV damage alone!
  1. Dark spots
  2. Rough skin
  3. Dry itchy skin
  4. Dry flaky skin
  5. Cracked skin
  6. Dehydrated skin
  7. Unsmooth skin
  8. Naturally dull skin tone
  9. Uneven skin tone
  10. Accumulated dull damaged skin from sun
My mother would always prepare a big bottle of body lotion so the family can keep our skin moisturized, so our skin does not dry out too much. This time round, I prepared the family's lotion! NIVEA just up the game by introducing a whitening body lotion that doesn't just keep our skin moisturised like regular lotions, it also helps protect our skin from the harmful UV rays.
The new NIVEA Extra White SPF30 Body Lotion is THE lotion which gives you more effective whitening and hydration with the added sun protection of SPF30!
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I like that it comes with a twist lock cap so I did not have to double, triple bag it with fear that it may leak in my luggage! So when it's twisted to the side, it's well locked- no worries for spillage onto my clothes.
 photo Photo 11-5-17 2 10 00 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 2 11 45 PM.jpg
I am often in short dresses so I generously apply them on my legs! I like how my legs can look dewy after application too, no filter at all!
 photo Photo 11-5-17 10 52 48 AM.jpg
Besides, the SPF30 PA++ of Nivea Extra White SPF30 Body Lotion also contains:
1. 50X Vitamin C to lighten skin tone and sun spots.
2. Glycerin to hydrate and soften skin!
 photo Photo 11-5-17 10 53 02 AM.jpg
Aside from working wonders for us, NIVEA Extra White SPF30 Lotion is also lightweight and definitely non sticky! You can tell from the above shot.
 photo Photo 11-5-17 10 51 37 AM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 8 35 29 AM.jpg
Throughout the trip, I use the lotion twice a day religiously, every day! I put a little extra before heading out for our sightseeing and shopping every morning- because of the unique SPF 30 PA++, the highest sun protection in a NIVEA body moisturiser yet, this nourishing lotion also acts as a skin armour and protects my body skin from the sun’s harmful rays!
 photo Photo 11-5-17 10 51 53 AM.jpg
Did I mention? It has whitening and firming properties too!
 photo Photo 11-5-17 10 48 11 AM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 8 34 09 AM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 10 50 55 AM.jpg
You can get  NIVEA Extra White SPF30 Lotion from nearly everywhere in Singapore; Watsons, Guardians, NTUC. Head on over to NIVEA Facebook Page for the latest product updates and promotions! Let's all stay hydrated, moisturized, fair with radiant and brighter skin! 

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