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Surprise from love!

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Only day with love before he would head for his flight back to Singapore after lunch. Our day started with going down to the Family Mart just below his Airbnb apartment.
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our loft got this flight of stairs to our bed!
After breakfast, our tour guide for the day came to pick us up! Did you know that Changi Recommends do not only provides us with stable wifi devices? They also provide attractions and tours and we booked our day tour with them! Here's the full list of the attractions and tours they provide for Taiwan! We decided to go for  a Private Jiufen Tour that covers Yeliu, Shifen and Jiufen! Our driver whatsapped me a few days before our trip to remind me of our tour and also to let me know where to meet him and how to contact him. I really appreciate it a lot cause with 4 girls traveling ourselves for the 1st time, we could get a little absentminded!
We started off at Yehliu! Was skeptical initially but the company and great view, blue skies really made up for it! We were all with an umbrella each (our driver gave it to us!!) cause it was so sunny!
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We went for lunch and love left for the airport.
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Off to Jiufen with my baby! We took almost an hour to get up this time round cause of the bad traffic!!! And guessed what caused the 1 hour ride up (usually 15 mins), an inconsiderate driver who parked his car on the already narrow 2 lane road to Jiufen!
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We went right to get some lunch cause we were famished!! Walked Jiufen a bit for some street snacks. The girls love the popiah ice cream! And we went the the tea house I go every time i'm in Jiufen for some nice fruit and flower tea, overlooking some nice scenery!
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We had another hiccup back down cause the bus we went up on was no longer in service by the time we wanted to go down! So we had to take a expensive cab ride down (no choice right, no other way down!). Our driver couldn't drive up cause there was too much traffic that day. 

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So... we made it to Shifen which we thought we wouldn't cause of the huge jam up to Jiufen and hiccups down!
Sooo glad!! And we thought it was a blessing in disguise cause there were so much lesser people so almost no photobombs in our pictures! Our driver also reminded us to choose a store where the staff are nicer cause they are the ones who will help you take photos!
 photo Photo 1-5-17 7 37 26 PM 1.jpg
We went at a right time, less busy time, lucky to pick a good stall who had 2 staff help us take photos then boomerang and video when we let go of our lantern! We chose the 4 colored lantern that was a little more pricey. My girls are easily tempted.. the salesperson said each of the 4 colors meant something, love, career, health and money. Mehhh!
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We got our driver to drop us at Fourplay where we made reservations for dinner and cocktails, more cocktails haha! That place is really nice! The girls love it!
We had 2 rounds! This was the first round!
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I loveeee this sooo much!! it's so unique!
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And our second cocktail for the night where we had the bartender make us a drink based on our looks lol! 

Conclusion of cocktails this trip trip? Mabs always love my drinks over her own.

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