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Japan 2017- Kyoto

Took the family for a 9-day holiday to Japan just a week back. We were there from 10-19 May, to celebrate Mother's Day and Mommy's birthday which was just a day apart this year!

We had booked multi-sector with Singapore Airlines this time, landing in Osaka first and out from Tokyo on the 19th. 
 photo Photo 10-5-17 1 10 01 PM.jpg

Love came to send us off! Zonia took this shot of us without us knowing! Nice hor? Then after that she said, why I never take for her and her Jason. Next time, you tell me okay Mei? :D

We landed late in Osaka and took the train straight to Kyoto where we will be sending 3 days at to do some sightseeing. My third time to Osaka/ Kyoto and I felt that Kyoto had more places to visit like the temples and bamboo forest so our itinerary was 3 days Kyoto, 2 days Osaka and 4 days Tokyo. I am sorry but when I say itinerary I meant a rough list of where we would be covering in the particular city. We did not do a detailed one on where we will go where we wake, where we will eat and the prices.

First pictures with the famous Japan's vending machines haha!
 photo d7cd1dc0-f6a2-475f-a9c6-acc87ec154d0.jpg
 photo Photo 10-5-17 9 33 09 PM.jpg
So we took a train which was about an hour to Kyoto, quickly checked into our hotel and the fam fam went to the Family Mart opposite our hotel to get food. I was so tired cause I didn't get sleep on the plane so I just wanted to shower and sleep to prepare for the next morning of sightseeing! Our hotel, Kyoto Tower Hotel, was conveniently located at Kyoto Main Station where we alighted from!
 photo Photo 11-5-17 2 58 56 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 13-5-17 7 49 23 AM.jpg
 photo Photo 13-5-17 7 49 59 AM.jpg
Our morning started with our day tour at 9am with Changi Recommends! Just like my recent girls trip to Taiwan, we booked a day tour with Changi Recommends. There were so many tours for Japan and I wished I booked more to save us the hassle of traveling and planning ha!

We went for Kyoto Arashiyama One Day Private Tour which covered the Arashiyama Togetsukyo Bridge (Moon Crossing Bridge), Tenryuji Temple and Sagano Bamboo Groves.
 photo Photo 11-5-17 8 40 16 AM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 8 39 10 AM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 2 43 14 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 10 02 23 AM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 8 52 58 AM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 10 32 02 AM_1.jpg
Our first shot for the trip!
 photo Photo 11-5-17 9 09 26 AM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 9 00 39 AM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 9 12 04 AM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 11 12 17 AM.jpg
 photo 52e116ff-4468-4e76-bec2-1dcd19f9283c.jpg
Love this family shot!
 photo Photo 11-5-17 10 06 01 AM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 9 48 31 AM.jpg
As we were ahead of time, our driver kindly drove us to Fushimi Inari Shrine which was our intended destination after the Arashiyama Day Tour.
 photo Photo 11-5-17 11 49 16 AM.jpg
 photo 4730a3a3-0d75-4e02-9fd9-04d799f2f77b.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 11 40 30 AM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 1 21 24 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 11 38 01 AM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 1 01 56 PM.jpg
Tipping is not required in Japan, be it drivers, tour guides or bell boys. But we gave a small 1000 yen tip to our driver for all his kind gestures of helping us to capture nice family photos and driving us to 1 extra destination before dropping us back at the hotel.
 photo Photo 11-5-17 2 14 40 PM_1.jpg
We went back to drop off some stuff before having lunch at Kyoto Main Station. Changed into a sleeved dress so that i do not have to bring a thick jacket, the weather was pretty warm that day.

We decided to have lunch at this restaurant that gave a free flow of side dishes (like korean's banchan) when you order a main. Not too bad, we were famished!
 photo Photo 11-5-17 1 28 41 PM.jpg
After lunch, it was Nara Park!! I love Nara Park cause of all those deers!

Daddy got a little scared
 photo Photo 11-5-17 3 42 23 PM.jpg photo Photo 11-5-17 3 41 16 PM.jpg photo Photo 11-5-17 3 42 20 PM.jpg
Zonia was too intially haha!
 photo Photo 11-5-17 5 52 33 PM_2.jpg
My favorite shot at Nara Park!
 photo Photo 11-5-17 3 40 33 PM_1.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 3 40 30 PM_1.jpg
A lazy deer that just lied underneath a tree and allowed anyone to take photos with him.
 photo Photo 11-5-17 3 51 30 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 3 52 04 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 11-5-17 4 20 10 PM.jpg
The beautiful sunset!
 photo Photo 11-5-17 6 43 06 PM_1.jpg
Ending the post with my favorite shot of the day. 
Daddy and Mommy (:
The "I want to grow old with you" shot. 
 photo Photo 11-5-17 4 25 19 PM.jpg

Day 3 in Kyoto was spent at Nishiki Market!
 photo Photo 12-5-17 1 37 24 PM.jpg
We went for lunch at ippudo which my family enjoyed a lot! They gave free flow of seasoned beansprout and garlic which we all love! It was bustling with locals as it was lunch time and we had to wait for about 10 minutes for a table.
 photo 4df6ba8f-781d-4ef2-9974-7873efb9dd47.jpg
family selfie!
 photo Photo 12-5-17 12 21 47 PM.jpg
Gyoza is sooo good! I ordered the spicy one!
 photo 7f6073d6-7e08-4a77-911a-d1d5528c97df.jpg

Didn't take many photos on this day because we were busy shopping and eating! :D
And we even people watch at the Starbucks over coffee.
 photo Photo 12-5-17 2 58 08 PM.jpg
 photo db3615fc-21d2-4cf3-afe6-04dc35202b39.jpg
Selfie with a drink they brought around for customers to try!
So we spent the whole day at Nishiki Market (錦市場, Nishiki Ichiba) which is a narrow, five block long shopping street lined by more than one hundred shops and restaurants!

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