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Japan 2017- Osaka

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Train ride to Osaka for 2 nights! Checked into HOTEL88 Shinsaibashi, which was very convenient. It is just across the famous shopping and food district in Osaka!

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First order of business- Takoyaki!
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Next morning began with a family shot cause it was Mama's birthday!!
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Osaka Tower which was also my first time there. The day was so sunny!! I think I got abck to Singapore a shade darker because of this day in Osaka!
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My loves
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You are so grand, Osaka Castle!
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Headed back to Dōtonbori at about 3.30pm cause we wanted to go for Ichiran! Mother's Day lunch part ll. Brought my parents & Zonia to Ichiran! It was their first time & they loved it!
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My favorite ramen in Japan- Ichiran! We had it twice during the trip!
Went for more shopping, this time for our boys! Got some tees from them from GU which was really cheap! Got basics for Alvin and they were only 590 yen a piece. That is about S$7!
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Break time snack: Zonia's tea soft serve!
We didn't know we went this crazy with the snack shopping after we decided to do some packing at night. These were the snacks from Kyoto and Osaka!! They were mostly Zonia's!
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