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BNP Paribas Family Day

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Woke up at 7am for BNP Paribas Family Day last Saturday with love. Was pretty dreadful to pull myself out of bed on a Saturday for a morning walk but when we got there, it was all worthwhile! Love, let's do more of such walks!! (:

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First shot at the start point! Matching white Adidas shoes!
For some of you who asked over Instagram stories, this is Changi Boardwalk! The Changi Boardwalk, also known as Changi Point Coastal Walk, is a 2.2 km boardwalk at Changi Point. The boardwalk is accessible from four entry points, namely Changi Village, Changi Sailing Club, Changi Beach and Changi Beach Park. We parked at Changi Village and our walk ended at BNP Campus for a activity-filled carnival!
This walk made us realize how beautiful Singapore is and we take these places for granted. It is my first time to Changi Boardwalk and I'm sure there are many of such rarely visited, beautiful places in Singapore! Please share them with me! And at some points through our walk, we felt like we were in Bali and at some points, Cheung Chou, Hong Kong!

Too many photos taken over my iPhone that they deserve to be on a blog post hahaha! Stopping along the way to take some yoga pictures teehee!
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And self-timer our couple shots!
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His expression, cause timer was 3 seconds, I ran over and kuala bear hugged him haha!
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Love's only solo shot cause I asked for it haha!
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And we stopped to watch the beautiful waters and view.
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And took some selfies!
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We also participated in the yoga class which involved a lot of stretching! The class was geared for working people who are desk-bounded and always on their computers.
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King dancer's pose after yoga! haha and in 3 different angles!
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Carnival fun started with some cotton candy!
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We didn't intend to stay for lunch but the food was AMAZING!! There was live casuarina prata station, ice cream man and hugeeee buffet spread! Never gone for a company event that was this generous! It was a great family day, great job, BNP! We enjoyed our day very much!

Changi Boardwalk
Address: 509710, 7A Gosport Rd
Singapore 509710
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours
Tel: 1800 471 7300

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