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Practice and all is coming x

Virabhadrasana III, Warrior lll seems like an easy yoga posture. It was one of the first poses I learned & believed that I could do it anytime, any day.

But when you do it rightly, with alignment in mind, it becomes real challenging & perspiration would roll down your cheeks freely. There are a lot to keep in mind. . For a person who's less flexible, it's harder to lift the thigh high enough to parallel the leg to the upper body. For another who's more flexible, it doesn't mean that the posture will be easier. For she needs to remember to square down her hips! Squaring off the hips would bring the thigh lower but it's alright.
For Virabhadrasana III, we all just got to stretch the body forward but legs back, just like how someone's pulling you hard both from the front & back. Then, engage strong through your thigh to lift it higher but don't forget to square off the hips. Okay, that's a lot of words, I hope it makes sense to you if you intend to try out!
Yoganidrasana! Whattt I can actually put both my legs behind my head! Never tried Yogic Sleep Pose before so it was tons of laughters when Zonia took this picture for me. She had to control her laughters so not to shake when snapping and I had to scream (through my smile) at her to be faster! Love you sissy!
Vasisthasana- Side Plank Variation

Standing Separate Forward Bend with Reverse Namaste
This pose is to work towards a deeper forward bend. One common mistake is that people go down too fast, compressing the back. For this pose, the stomach should touch the thighs first before the head goes down. What I usually do is I would stay in this pose for a few breaths, lengthening my torso before my chin rests on my shin. This posture strengthens the legs and to keep the back straight and lifted, you actually work your core at the same time too!

Never too old to start practicing! x

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