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Choo Yilin

Mom, share with us one particular moment when you were touched by Zoe’s actions and/or words?
"Zoe has been a very filial and caring girl since young. I remember her gently turning the door knob, tip-toeing into my bedroom and placed her tiny palm on my forehead to check on my temperature a few times when I was unwell. She was only 4 years old then. It really touched my heart."

I never knew of this until Choo Yilin asked to do an interview with me and Mommy. Mommy and I are no doubt the least expressive people in our family. We often hold back on our feelings and express them only once in a while. It is true when they say that these feelings hold much more significance when they do come out. I love you, Mommy.
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Beauty of Life to my Mother is in living it. She does not lead an extravagant life, she does not even own a branded bag. Instead, she leads a simple but full life - a life full of love for the family. Ensuring that we have nothing but the best. She teaches me that beauty is not in material but in the love and joy we experience everyday.

If you are interested, the full interview is over at Choo Yilin's blog!

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