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Rounder chin

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I always thought of having a more rounded chin but never dared try because I am afraid of needles! But, I recently conquered my own fear and went for a chin fillers! I am so thankful to have Sheila with me! She took these pictures for me and I must say, I felt very minimal pain.

After a chat with my doctor, he recommended the shape of my chin based on my face shape. I was lead to have my face well cleansed and numbing cream applied on! Just to play safe as I am fairly new to fillers, it was suggested to me to have the numbing cream on for 45 minutes. I could still move around so I watched videos, read magazines in the room. The place was comfortable and 45 minutes past really quickly.

I was then led back to the treatment room and numbing cream cleaned off. My doctor came in to take some before photos and we were all set to go!
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telling him my woes haha!
He drew a "draft" to make sure I was satisfied before we went started!
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To avoid leaving more scars/ holes on my face, there were only 2 jabs throughout the filler process! The doctor is professional and experienced enough to achieve this!
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The whole procedure took no more than 10 minutes!
I'm done!!!!
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Here's a picture I took right after my filler.
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I collage it to show you the significant difference!
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Now you would ask, what's the downtime of fillers? For me, it took about 1 week for the bruising to be fully gone. But it really depends person to person, varying from 3 days to a week. But because it was a chin filler, my bruising can't be seen unless I lift my chin upwards. The light bruising can also be easily covered with some BB cream!
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Now you would say, what's this foreign liquid I injected into my face, is it safe? The key ingredient of the filler is actually Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural sugar occurring throughout the human body. It serves various functions, including lubricating the muscles, joints and other movable parts of the body. Hyaluronic acid can be described as “nature’s moisturiser”, and is an essential ingredient in many cosmetic products and treatments! So no worries, no fear!

These dermal fillers are not just for chin, but they can be to correct age-related beauty concerns, such as wrinkles, folds, laugh lines, sagging cheekbones, thin lips, gaunt appearance, dark eye circles and loss of facial volume!
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