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Happy Birthday, En!

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Yet another birthday for one of my best friends. Every birthday reminds me that they are the friends whom i've known of the longest and how much I need to treasure them. I do not have many friends, but it doesn't matter. Because you only need those few great ones. x

Because of our different schedules, it is always hard to celebrate birthdays on the birthday week but we always make sure that we will find time for each other to have a good meal and catch up session! This time, we met up at Bugis+ for 49 Seats and gelare. The birthday girl wanted to try 49 Seats's new tomyum pasta but the meal was disappointing. The good thing was that food came really quickly and the place wasn't crowded so we literally had the whole restaurant to ourselves. The best on the menu has got to be the brownie dessert! We weren't expecting much but the brownie was really really good! I would go back just for that brownie!
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We adjourned to Gelare for more desserts. Waffles with maple syrup, no ice cream. Just the way we love our waffles.
Starting off with some pictures of En showing that she's fit and have some nice arm muscles lol!
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Zyan giving me a massage? Nah, he was just messing up my hair.
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Zyan took this for his parents!
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oh god, what expression is this boy?! He was crossing his arms across his chest because he was mad that we took the camera away from him! Hahaha!
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He couldn't wait.
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Ending the post with love and my waffle- We had original waffle with maple syrup, strawberries and butter! So good! :))

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