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KL August 2016, Day 4

Didn't take much pictures of Day 4 and Day 5 because we were in KL just malls-hopping! 
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Had the best char siew at this restaurant!
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On Day 5 morning where we were due to head home, I hoped I had bought some after our meal so I can bring home for my family!!
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Found a street of graffiti walls! Picked my favorite wall that had my favorite colors! 
Headed back to our apartment and back to the gym where love did his workout and I did my own mat workout! I haven't attempted forearm wheel pose for awhile now and was surprised that it came pretty easily! 
 photo Photo 9-8-16 5 09 21 PM.jpg
I remembered trying to do it in Bali sometime back and it was so tough! #practiceandalliscoming (:
Pictures of my Adidas outfit after my abs workout! After my toe injury, I have no choice but to rely on my own abs workouts at home. I can't be on my toes so I have to be on my back for my workouts. The apartment has a washing machine with dryer too, just in case you see why am i re-wearing my workout clothes hehe!
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Please bear with me as I will not have much blog posts these 2 weeks! I will be off to Europe yay!! Please follow me over on my instagram! See you there!! x

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