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31st August 2016. Today is Ah Gong's actual birthday! Celebrated Ah Gong's birthday the weekend over dim sum at Peach Garden, Thomson Plaza, before Europe! Missing Zonia who was in Taiwan!

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Didn't know what cake to get Ah Gong and decided on this Superman cake with a red cape, which may look like it is for a child. But it is a very meaningful design for our family.
For starters, Ah Gong's name is 陈超仁.
Ah Gong survived 2 major surgeries in 2009 and 2013.
The major heart surgery in 2013 only had 5% success rate and he made it through! Ah Gong is 78 this year but determined and strong like his name!
Always keeping my grandparents and family in my prayers. Wishing that they always stay healthy because health is wealth.
Photo spam now! (:
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Missing Zonia and Shen!
So hard to get all 9 grandchildren in a shot! The next time we gather would be next year when Reiko is coming back home after she graduates from Central School of Ballet! Can't wait, Reiko!
2 shots with just the granddaughters!
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Thank you Patisserie Atelier for creating this meaningful cake for our family!
Ending the post with my pictures and a boomerang video cause I found 纯萃喝 latte after yoga that day! I was lucky!! :D
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