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Two Plus One Creamery

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A few months back, a friend decided to venture into F&B and opened his own waffles and ice cream cafe at the heartland of where he lives! We haven't had a chance to visit his Two Plus One Creamery cafe because most of us do not live nearby :P
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Last weekend, we made it a point to head to his area! We met up for Sembawang bai mee fen (omg! Soo good, it's my first time trying!) and we took a 5 minutes drive to his cafe after BMF!

The crowd there is mostly those who live nearby and if you check them out on Instagram, you would see some customers really digging their waffles and each order 1 for themselves; no one wants to share! And I can definitely tell why after I had mine! 

An auntie at the next table also ordered a waffle with a single scoop and enjoyed it by herself! We asked to try a few flavors before deciding to get 2 waffles to share. Since waffles are filing and we had a heavy lunch.... we got more ice cream scoops instead since they are not as filling! We couldn't decide which flavors so we ended up with 6 scoops, madness! Jasmine green tea (My favorite!!), Snickers, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake, Durian and Rocky Road Chocolate! So sinful, I had a very light dinner of mainly greens that day!

This was the star of the afternoon tea! Charcoal Waffles with triple scoop of Cookies & Cream, Jasmine green tea and Snickers!
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En had on point accessory and nails, so she drizzled the caramel for my shot!
The other original waffle had a single scoop of strawberry cheesecake! We also ordered a Affogato! Nothing beats a good espresso and a good scoop of vanilla ice cream! Two Plus One Creamery also have a tea and coffee menu! I ordered a fizzy blue drink which is served in a mason jar! Making the flatlay even more instgram friendly!
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Zyan hardly gets to eat ice cream cause of his coughs! Guess Mama Papa were in a good mood! :D
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Love with his single scoop of Durian ice cream!
I got to say that the lighting in Two Plus One Creamery is super good!! I didn't have to edit the pictures in this post! Pictures with my girls! Missing Yanli who was sick!
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Also couple shots cause En, Kadson and Alvin and I were coincidentally in matching colors!! :))
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Thanks Kadson and En for the invitation! Let's make our next date for BMF and waffles again! x

Two Plus One Creamery 
30 Woodlands Avenue 1
#01-01 The Woodgrove
Singapore 739065
Opening Hours:
Monday- Thursday/ Sunday: 
12:00pm - 12:00am
12:00pm - 02:00am
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Ending the post with my Hollyhoque OOTD for the day! I am a big fan of pastels! :D
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 photo Photo 16-7-16 5 21 23 PM.jpg
If you like such basic knit tops, you can get this Liesl Basic Tee Mint at $19.90 instead of $24.90 when you quote ZOELIESL! Available in 4 colors and so versatile, I'm bagging more colors cause I can wear it with literally any bottom!
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