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Shiberty Bakes!

Finally got to visit Shiberty Bakes over a weekend with my favorite girls! It was awhile since I met them so we had a great time over good tea and desserts! photo Photo 9-7-16 12 47 41 PM.jpg

 photo Photo 9-7-16 5 38 07 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 9-7-16 2 50 44 PM.jpg
Thanks Jess for inviting us over! I love the Classic Shiberty Toast sooooo much!

 photo Photo 9-7-16 2 51 13 PM.jpg
I love everything with butter, the bread was so soft and fragrant and Shiberty Bakes is generous with their ingredients, close to every mouthful I had some butter! Check out the 2 full scoops of ice cream too!!
 photo Photo 9-7-16 2 44 37 PM.jpg
Sheila loves the macarons. she had quite a few off this plate haha! We had 1 of each flavor; Red Velvet, Galaxy (Blueberry), Matcha, Salted Caramel, Honey Lavender, White Chocolate Raspberry, Salted Egg and Ferrero Rocher!
 photo Photo 9-7-16 2 44 57 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 9-7-16 2 45 17 PM.jpg
Jess recommended their new on menu- Sticky Date Pudding!
 photo Photo 9-7-16 2 56 01 PM.jpg
It's very flavorful, and again the ingredients was aplenty! But I wished that it would be a little more moist and more caramel! :D
We ordered the Churros waffles to share because Mabs loves churros!
 photo Photo 9-7-16 2 47 04 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 9-7-16 2 47 44 PM.jpg
Too bad for Chris who wanted the classic Buttermilk waffles, our bellies couldn't take 1 more waffle cause each plate came like an art piece. There's ice cream, chocolates and so on! We will be back again to try the other desserts! :D

Every dessert at Shiberty Bakes is instagram friendly!! :D

Did I mention that the whole cafe is instagram friendly too? (:
46 Owen Road #01-277
Singapore 218866
Tel: 6291 5221
Opening hours: Tue - Sun: 13:00 - 22:00

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