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Shibuya, Tokyo

Headed over to Shibuya for more shopping after we conquered the whole of Harajuku!
It was also at Shibuya where I became Mrs Yang-to-be hehe lol
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Before the proposal, we had a bowl of my favorite yoshinoya lol!

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love's pork bowl was so good!
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Asmo's beef bowl with loads of spring onion and a runny yolk!

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More on this on a separate post.

Nothing fancy, we visited some 7-stories high adult shop and massive snack shopping at Akihabara after that hahaha!
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Another highlight of the evening was meeting up with Mabs and Chris who were flying into Tokyo for a nail competition! So happy to meet them and we had supper and some drinks before we called it a night! Supper was pretty terrible (somewhat like vegetarian ramen cause it was almost 12am and there were not many eateries open except for ramen stalls!)....

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But the great company made up for it! (:

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