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One Raffles Place

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This is the shopping mall that my Mom goes to almost every day because she works at Raffles Place! I have not shopped all 6 floors at One Raffles Place myself but glad I did so last week! Oh boy, I was really amazed by the number of stores they have there and the wide array of apparels, shoes, accessories and restaurants there! That's no wonder why Mommy goes there so often!

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I decided to start from the top and went into Amanda which was just located at the escalator on the 4th floor. I was attracted by the glass store concept and from the outside, I could already spot some dresses that I would want to don on! The owner was very friendly as she recommended me some of their new arrivals and she helped me pair the dress which I had picked up with a pair of silver shoes from her store as well!

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I picked this classy grid midi with flowers from Amanda. This looked like something I saw from an expensive designer on magazines! There is a nude inner lining that is till my thighs, and though the dress is pure white, it is non-sheer at all. Material is really good!
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Amanda has a wide array of evening gowns and classy formal wears that are reasonably priced. The fabric used for the wears are of top-notch quality!

Amanda is located at #04-33/34.

The next store I went into was EnV!
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The difference between this store and Amanda's was they had more casual outfits which are also very colorful. I love colors so I spent quite some time in this shop just browsing rack after rack!

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I chose this cute monochrome dress which I would be able to wear for work and a weekend day out! The fabric used for this dress is really good, it was thick and definitely a dress that will not suffer after a few washes.
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I picked a pair of yellow pumps to go with the outfit and check out their array of accessories too!!

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EnV offers a collection of casuals, their outfits are full of vibrancy and colors. You can find bags, shoes and accessories too!
EnV is located at #04-26/27.

The third store that I found myself in was filled with classy work dresses. Sarah B. will be hard to miss, especially with those catchy, sweet, pastel blue door frames.
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Checking out the accessories at Sarah B.
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These unique bracelets are imported from Italy!

Sarah B. has the latest dresses that working office ladies will love! The company also brings in unique pieces like Italy bracelets! So you can always expect interesting finds in store!

Sarah B. is located at #04-21.

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I got a dress from S Lady and this is easily one of my favorite dresses now cause of the design, high quality fabric and cut! Not forgetting, the color- I love pastel shades so much!
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S Lady has a wide array of mostly corporate dresses. I found quite a few that are very suitable for work and the material of every piece is very good. Definitely worth ever cent!

S Lady is located at #03-01.

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Besides apparels, there are a lot other very popular shops like Melissa and Swatch! I picked out this watch from Swatch located at #01-15 which I wanted to wear on the weekends. But when it came, I saw that I could double it up with some of my dresses too and so I wore with the S Lady dress!

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What I like best about One Raffles Place is the obvious reason that it is conveniently located at Raffles Place Mrt Station. I am always in CBD area for appointments and even on weekends, I will be at Chevron House for yoga. I personally enjoy a quiet time when I shop so I am so glad that the tenants at One Raffles Place are open on Saturday! I get more attention and assistance from the sales assistants and I am able to shop freely. No need to squeeze with the crowd in Orchard Road now because even at One Raffles Place, I can get H&M and Uniqlo!

Before I end the post, there's something exciting I would like to share with you!! I have never done this before so I am really excited to be part of this initiative. After an afternoon at One Raffles Place last week, I have picked out 2 of my favorite outfits and will be dressing up the mannequins!

The mannequins will be part of a contest happening in ORP in April and do look out for them when you are in the area!

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