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Osaka, Japan

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Someone asked for my itinerary but I didn't have it this time round. Japan's transport makes everywhere very accessible by public transport. In fact, we travelled everywhere by the JR/ train!

We booked for bus passes to get to the domestic airport for our flight to Osaka. Janice and Alvin did most of the bookings so we were in very good hands haha! We decided to skip breakfast and take the earlier bus to the airport because our luggages were too much to handle and most of the restaurants along the way were either on level 2 or basement and it would be too much work to carry the luggages.

We arrived at the airport almost 2 hours before our flight so we had a simple breakfast and shopped around. I don't have the habit of having breakfasts so I just sat and used my phone.
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Alvin had breakfast round 2. Living the life with a shot of Sake even! Whathe!!
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The sake was filled to the brim and if you could see it, it overflows into the box! It is said that that is how to rich drinks, they overflow the sake. For restaurants, probably to show their generosity. Of course, we finished the sake in both the glass and box- we are not rich haha!
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Packed this $1.25 Ritz cheese biscuits to eat on the 50 minutes plane ride!
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Never sick of looking at these blue skies and clouds!

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It was warming up and finally I could bear some shoulders in the afternoon! We walked to the mall nearby for lunch! Asmo and Janice recommended this popular okonomiyaki place! We had so much good food, yakisoba too! Slurps!

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It was already dark by 6pm. Headed to Dotombori, for the popular Ebisubashi Suji shopping district for some street food and shopping!

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There were so many stores that were selling takoyaki, decided to go queue at 1 that wasn't too crowded yet too quiet haha!
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How can takoyaki taste soooo good in Japan! The flour literally melts, the skin is so thin and it's so soft! I ate takoyaki thrice when I was in Osaka! :D

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Love ordered this grilled octopus, scallops and abalone! No picture cause he gobbled them down when I was shopping! They were almost wiped out when I came out from the 3 coins shop! :X

Janice queued for this melon bun ice cream! Shiokness!
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We ended every evening at the Family mart at our hotel, stock up on more water and some alcohol for the guys. Go back to shower and meet at our room to chat and to decide on where to go the next day! Missing nights like these! Can't wait for the next trip already! :)

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